Informative Sessions on Home Care Expansion Have Come to an End

16 Local Units of Health Care (LUHC) under the Regional Directorates of the Health Care Service Operators (HCSO) in Tiranë, Shkodër, Vlorë, and Elbasan have concluded the informative meetings regarding the expansion and implementation of home care services (HCS). These meetings serve as an introductory presentation of the activity plan for implementing this service, which […]

Health Education for Non-Communicable Diseases: A New Manual for Patients and Professionals

As part of efforts to address the significant increase in non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Albania, a new manual titled “Health Education for Non-Communicable Diseases” has been published. Developed with the support of the “Health for All” Project (HAP) of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), this manual offers information for family medicine teams […]

HAP Supports Mapping of Socio-Health Services in Three Municipalities

In collaboration with local civil society organisations, the Health for All Project (HAP) has supported the mapping of socio-health services in the municipalities of Elbasan, Korçë, and Shkodër. All social workers at the respective health centres will now have in their hands the document “Network of Socio-Health Services,” which will help them refer patients to […]

HAP Starts Collaboration with Two CSOs for Health Advocacy

The Health for All Project (HAP) has begun collaborating with two selected organisations to strengthen advocacy activities aimed at improving the quality and accessibility of primary health care, especially with regard to vulnerable groups. Now in the Consolidation Phase, HAP has a special interest in enhancing access to home care services (HCS) for chronic patients […]

Psychologist Krisalda Sauli: Integrating Mental Health into Family Medicine Reduces Stigma and Offers Hope

Krisalda Sauli holds the position of psychologist at Health Center No. 3 in Fier. Due to her strong background and performance, she has been selected to train the rest of the staff on the management of mental health disorders. We spoke with Krisalda about the skills she gained from this training, her work with the […]

HAP finalises Year 1 of Consolidation Phase: Here are the accomplishments

The Health for All Project (HAP) has successfully completed the first year of its Consolidation Phase, demonstrating resilience and adaptability amid significant shifts in Albania’s health administration, including the replacement of the minister of health, the secretary general, and several key directors. During this period, MoHSP, supported by its partners, has developed numerous policies, strategies, […]

Home Care in the Media Spotlight

Home care—one of the most important services introduced with the support of the “Health for All” Project – was at the centre of media attention during the month of May. The TV show Klinika 24 and the newspaper covered the report by Report TV at the Bulgarec Health Centre in the Municipality of Korçë, […]

HAP Welcomes Visit from Medical University of Vienna

HAP had the pleasure of welcoming a team from the Medical University of Vienna interested in learning more about Albanian culture, the healthcare system, and community health practices. Led by Prof. Dr. Türkan Akkaya-Kalayci, Head of the Postgraduate University Master Program in Transcultural Medicine and Diversity Care, the delegation included students and several professors. On […]

On International Nurses Day, Nurses Testify about HAP’s Support

On International Nurses Day, we thought of hearing from the nurses themselves about the impact of HAP’s interventions in improving their professional skills, empowering their role in the family medicine team and supporting them with the equipment needed to best deliver their service. Here’s what they had to say: Thanks to the The Health for […]

Nurse Eleni Tafa: Training on standard nursing procedures very valuable for providing Home Care Service

Eleni Tafa serves as a Home Care Nurse in the Gostima Health Centre in the Elbasan region. Thanks to her high results during the training, she has been selected to train the rest of the staff on the necessary standard nursing procedures required for delivering Home Care Service to selected patients in the area. We […]

HAP Supplies 27 Health Centres with Home Care Equipment

In an effort to increase accessibility and quality of healthcare services, HAP has equipped 27 selected healthcare centres in Tirana, Durrës, Elbasan, Berat, Korçë, and Shkodër with the necessary equipment to provide Home Care Service. This investment aims to assist persons with chronic diseases and the elderly who are unable to visit healthcare centres to […]

Steering Committee Approves Yearly Plan of Operations

The 18th Steering Committee Meeting of the Health for All Project convened on March 18, 2024, at the Ministry of Health and Social Protection in Tirana, Albania. Chaired by Ms. Mira Rakacolli, Deputy Minister of Health and Social Protection, and Sabine Piccard, Head of the Governance and Health Domain at the Swiss Agency for Development […]

HAP Supports Monitoring Visits for Quality of Care for Chronic Patients

To encourage effective implementation of the protocols for the prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases, HAP is strengthening the capacities of the Operator of Health Care Services and Local Units of Healthcare by supporting monitoring visits of their specialists to selected healthcare centres in Tirana, Durrës, Elbasan, Berat, Korçë, and Shkodër. The visits aim to […]

Annual Planning Workshop: HAP sets priorities for 2024-2025

Representatives and stakeholders from the Health for All Project (HAP) convened for the Annual Planning Workshop on February 20, 2024. Held in accordance with the project’s approved document and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection’s (MoHSP) short-term plan, the workshop aimed to align priorities and activities for the upcoming year, April 1st, 2024 to […]

Training for Trainers on Standard Nursing Procedures Concludes in 27 Health Centres

As part of the efforts to enhance the professional skills of family nurses during the provision of Home Care, HAP supported the development of Training-of-Trainers workshops related to standard nursing procedures, which have now successfully concluded in 27 health centres in the Local Health Care Units of Tirana, Durrës, Elbasan, Korça, Berat, and Shkodra. The […]

Dr. Shkëndije Kuçi: HAP, Consistent Support for Family Medicine

Vorë Health Centre is one of the centres that has been completely renovated with the support of the HAP project. Several significant project interventions are being implemented here, such as the use of the updated protocols for the treatment of 5 NCDs, the provision of home-based care, the implementation of new family nurse profiles in […]

HAP Distributes 649 Bags With Physical Examination Tools for Family Doctors and Nurses

During December 2023, HAP distributed 649 medical bags to family doctors and nurses in selected healthcare centres in Tirana, Durrës, Elbasan, Berat, Korçë, and Shkodër. The bags contain around 13 physical examination tools such as a stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, otoscope, neurologic hammer, respiratory flow meter, digital thermometer, tourniquet fast, BMI wheel metric, […]

Completion of Mental Health Management Training in PHC

The training sessions for healthcare professionals on the utilisation of the “Guide for the Management of Mental Health Disorders in Primary Healthcare” have concluded successfully. Participants included family doctors, nurses, social workers, and psychologists from 29 healthcare centres in  Durrës, Elbasan, Fier, Burrel, Korçë, and Shkodër. The objective of these train-the-trainer sessions was to empower […]

HAP Organises a Discussion Forum on the Progress of Home Healthcare Implementation

On December 6th, HAP hosted the forum titled “Experience of Home Healthcare Implementation in Albania.” The event brought together key stakeholders, including representatives from the Operator of Health Care Services, Health Insurance Fund, Local Units of Health Care, the Embassy of Switzerland, and the World Health Organization, along with directors of healthcare centres where home […]

HAP Gets Recognition for Achievements in Steering Committee Meeting

In the latest meeting of the Health for All Project (HAP) Steering Committee on November 24, hosted at the Ministry of Health and Social Protection (MoHSP), key stakeholders gathered to review and discuss the progress achieved by HAP during the first semester of Year 1 of the Consolidation Phase, spanning from April to September 2023. […]

Exchange of Experiences and Practices between the HAP Project in Albania and the AQH Project in Kosovo

Representatives of the Primary Health Care services and the Health for All Project (HAP) conducted a two-day working visit to Pristina on November 7-8, where they were welcomed by representatives of the Accessible Quality Healthcare (AQH) and the Deputy Minister of Health of Kosovo. The purpose of the visit was to learn more about the […]

Vibrant Autumn for Family Medicine: Here are the Completed Trainings

The months of September-November 2023 brought together family doctors and nurses in important training sessions related to improving healthcare for the elderly and implementing protocols for non-communicable diseases. The training on Medical Care for the Elderly is a key training in response to the growing need for care for this age group. The training equips […]

Elderly Care in PHC: ASCK Accredited Training Started

Training-of-Trainer sessions regarding the provision of medical care for the elderly in primary healthcare will be conducted throughout the months of October and November 2023. With the support of HAP, teams consisting of doctors and nurses from selected healthcare centers in Tirana, Elbasan, Shkodër, Berat, and Korçë will be trained in implementing guidelines, treatment protocols, […]

Health for All Project Goes on Stage in International Health Conferences

Lausanne, Switzerland — The Swiss Public Health Conference 2023, held in Lausanne on September 12-13, served as an important platform for discussions that refocused attention on the critical relationship between public health and primary care. This year, the conference’s central theme was “Public Health and Primary Care: Stronger Together,” emphasizing the role of primary care […]

HAP enhances monitoring capabilities for the implementation of home-based care

During the month of October, HAP is supporting the strengthening of monitoring capacities of the Operator of Health Care Services (OHCS), Local Units of Health Care (LUHCs), Health Insurance Fund (HIF), and Health Centers for the implementation of Home-Based Care (HBC) by family medicine teams. To this end, two-day training sessions are provided, offering a […]

Family medicine teams continue training on NCD prevention and control

In September-October 2023, selected teams of family medicine practitioners in Tirana, Elbasan, Korça, and Shkodra will be part of a series of Training-of-Trainer sessions regarding the implementation of clinical protocols and guidelines for prevalent non-infectious diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, asthma, and COPD. The training consists of 20 six-hour sessions on the “Use of […]

Improving Healthcare: The Collaborative Success of Durrës LUHC with the Health for All Project

In the coastal town of Durrës, Albania, over 100,000 residents are witnessing a transformation in their primary healthcare service with the Local Healthcare Unit leading the change. We spoke to Eriona Petro who has held the pivotal position of the Chief of Primary Healthcare Services in the region since 2016 to tell us more about […]

Dr. Bajram Lami: Patient visits increase following the rebuilding of health centre

Dr. Bajram Lami is the doctor of the recently rebuilt health centre in the village of Zall Mner, in the municipality of Kamëz. We spoke together about his extensive experience in serving the community and the benefits brought by the improvement of infrastructure in the quality and range of services provided to the residents of […]

HAP holds workshop on “Advocacy in Healthcare: Primary Healthcare and Vulnerable Groups”

The “Health for All Project” organized a workshop on the topic of “Advocacy in Healthcare: Primary Healthcare and Vulnerable Groups” with the participation of Civil Society Organizations and Media working in the field of healthcare advocacy. The aim of the workshop was to discuss advocacy issues in primary healthcare and the current and future needs […]

Rebuilding Complete: Zall Mner Health Center Restored to Full Functionality

The residents of Zall Mner village will soon have access to improved healthcare services thanks to the modern infrastructure of the health centre rebuilt with the investment of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation through the Health for All project. The Zall Mner health centre is the third building being rebuilt from the ground […]

Informative Workshops with LUHCs

HAP continues to support Local Units of Health Care (LUHCs) in expanding the services to be provided by the family medicine team, such as home care, implementation of protocols for non-communicable diseases (NCDs), and visit appointment and planning. Currently, in collaboration with the Operator of Health Service, HAP is conducting a series of informative workshops […]

Phase II of the Health for All Project Closes – Here are the Achievements

The Health for All project closed its second phase on March 31, 2023, marking significant achievements in the support of Primary Health Care service in the country. As we reflect upon the fruitful four years behind us, we express our gratitude to our collaborators, partners, and healthcare experts and professionals who, with their support, make […]

Approved: Training on Mental Health Management in Primary Healthcare

Family doctors, social workers, psychologists, and mental health specialists gathered on June 1st under the leadership of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and HAP for a consultative meeting on the training program “Empowering the Family Medicine Team in Managing Mental Health Disorders in Primary Health Care”. The purpose of the meeting was to […]

Strengthening Home Care Capabilities: Training Continues

Enhancing the provision of home care services remains a priority for HAP, who has been supporting this intervention with ongoing training programs for the family medical team since 2021. In this regard, approximately 45 nurses from the Rrethinë and Postribë Health Centres in Shkodra have undergone training from May to June 2023, focusing on home […]

The Steering Committee Approves Interventions and Activities of the Consolidation Phase

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection approved in March 2023 the HAP project document for the Consolidation Phase that will be implemented in the period 1st April 2023-31 March 2027.  On April 26, 2023, HAP held the 16th meeting of the Steering Committee. Discussions focused on the achievements of the project’s second phase and […]

The Health for All Project’s Interventions were Presented at the Health Congress

On March 6-7, 2023, Tirana hosted the First Health Congress, where policymakers, healthcare experts and professionals, service users, and other relevant stakeholders gathered in a shared forum to exchange experiences regarding the challenges of the healthcare system. One of the topics addressed in a special panel was “Primary healthcare as a strategic mechanism to ensure […]

The designing of the social worker profile in PHC

The integration of social services into Primary Health Care necessitated the inclusion of social work professionals on the interdisciplinary team and in the delivery of social-health services. HAP supported the designing of the social worker profile in primary health care in response to the request of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection. The document […]

Family medicine teams trained in geriatric care

In March 2022, HAP published the “Medical care for the elderly in primary healthcare” manual, following approval by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, as a means of reference in the daily work of family doctors and family nurses for the provision of health care to elderly patients. For the purpose of training health […]

NCD protocols introduced at the International Family Medicine Conference

On 10 and 11 November 2022, the 7th International Family Medicine Conference was held in Pristina, attended by primary health care professionals from countries in the region. HAP supported the attendance in the conference of  Adriana Banaj, MD (Patos HC) and Kledian Deda, MD (Frakull HC) who shared with peers their experiences with the use […]

Protocol implementation monitoring

The up-to-date protocols on the treatment of the 5 most common non-communicable diseases in PHC, approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, have started to be implemented in all health center of Dibra and Fier regions. In order to ensure the monitoring of their implementation, based on the indicators foreseen under each protocol, […]

22 health centers preparing to provide HBC services

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection has selected 22 health centers (HCs) in Tirana, Durrës, Elbasan, Korca and Shkodër regions for the first phase of national upscaling of home-based care (HBC)-an intervention introduced by HAP and piloted in 9 HCs in the regions of Dibra and Fier. In this context, the 22 HCs have […]

HAP interventions getting upscaled at national level

Since the start of the second phase of implementation (from 1 April 2019), HAP has worked, among others, on drafting a new model of home-based care and review of clinical protocols and guidelines (CPGs) for the treatment of five, most common non-communicable diseases  (hypertension, diabetes mellitus type II, dyslipidemias, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) […]

Swiss support enables new PHC facilities in post-earthquake areas

Minister of Health and Social Protection Ogerta Manastirliu, Swiss Ambassador Adrian Maître and Durrës Mayor Emiriana Sako visited the newly reconstructed health centre in Ishëm. The Ishëm health centre was severely damaged by the 26.11 earthquake and was built from beginning after the demolition of the previous old building. During the visit Minister of Health […]

New PHC nurse profiles approved by MoHSP

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection has approved HAP’s proposal for 3 new nurse profiles at primary healthcare level: family nurse at health center, family nurse at health post and home-care nurse. Meanwhile, consultative meetings have been organized with interest parties to discuss three additional profiles, namely: school nurse, health promotion nurse and physiotherapist […]

Inauguration ceremony for the new master program in Family Nursing

On March 7, 2022 took place  the inauguration ceremony of the new professional master program in Family Nursing. The event was attended by Minister of Health and Social Protection Ogerta Manastirliu, Swiss Ambassador Adrian Maître, Rector of the University of Medicine Arben Gjata, Dean of Faculty of Medical Technical Sciences Ilirjana Zekja, pedagogical staff and […]

Roundtable with Kosovo AQH Project

HAP is supporting primary health care centers to meet quality standards for accreditation in accordance with the regulatory framework  in Albania. Currently, the health center of Patos has met the basic standards and is working toward the official accreditation by the Agency on Quality Assurance of Health and Social Care Services while additional health centers […]

First international conference focused on PHC nurses takes place in Albania

The nursing profession at primary healthcare level needs to be strengthened to address the health challenges, in response to the prevailing burden of disease and new challenges brought by COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, creating new models of care services that meet the most pressing needs such as prevention and control of non-communicable diseases, home care for […]

Federal Councillor and Vice President Alain Berset visits Albania

Swiss Federal Councillor and Vice President Alain Berset had his first visit in Albania, thus marking the highest-level visit by a Swiss government official in recent times. During the visit, Minister Berset signed the agreement with Minister of Finance and Economy Delina Brahimaj that ensures that Swiss and Albanian nationals receive equal treatment in respect […]

The new professional maters in Family Nursing is established

The new “Family Nursing” professional master is now being provided in Albania by the Faculty of Medical Technical Sciences, supported by the “Health for All” Project. 14 students have been selected to attend the program in the academic year 2021-2022. They will obtain the Professional Master’s degree in “Family Nursing” and the specialized qualification of […]

Appointment scheduling system implemented at Klos HC

Scheduling visits with the family physician is one of the standard requirements for health centers. In this framework, HAP supported the Patos HC in 2020 to implement planning for chronic disease patient consultations, children’s vaccination and to follow pregnant women along their pregnancy. The appontment system established with the support of HAP includes: a telephone […]

The Peer Group extends beyond the 2 HAP regions

HAP continues to support the establishment and operation of PGs outside the 2 pilot regions (Fier and Dibra) through the promotion of the PG Guide and training material developed by HAP for health professionals in PHC. The upscaling is carried out in cooperation with the central and regional branches of the Order of Nurses. In […]

Capacitating nurses in home-based care provision

Since May 2021, HAP is supporting the implementation of home-based healthcare models. In this framework, 76 nurses from Dibër and Fier regions were trained to perform standard nursing procedures such as: treatment of decubitus, care for stoma, treatment of lymphedema, placement of nasogastric tube, performance of electrocardiography, etc. The training of nurses has been conducted […]

New master program in Family Nursing approved

The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth has approved the opening of the “Family Nursing” program, which will be offered for the first time in Albania by the Faculty of Medical and Technical Sciences (University of Medicine, Tirana). HAP has supported the establishing of the master program by providing the following: Improvement of the teaching […]

HAP management team visits Patos HC

Prof. Kaspar Wyss, HAP Director and Deputy Director of Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, accompanied by Dr. Besim Nuri, Project Manager and Dr. Ehadu Mersini, Quality of Care Officer, visited Patos HC on May 25th, 2021. Patos HC is among the HCs in Albania that is being supported by HAP on several interventions: – […]

Reconstruction of the HCs damaged by the earthquake

The Swiss government, through the “Health for All” project, is financing the reconstruction of a health center (Likmetaj, Ishmi) and a health post (Borizana) which were completely damaged by the earthquake of November 26, 2019. The investment of about 300,000 CHF is part of the Swiss support for Albania for the post-earthquake recovery. The beneficiaries [...]

Swiss support reaches the health centers in Finiq and Dropull

Health centers in the municipalities of Finiq and Dropulli receive equipment and medical supplies to better cope with the treatment of Covid-19. Through a collaboration between the embassies of Switzerland and Greece, medical equipment and supplies were delivered to the health center of Aliko, in the municipality of Finic. Nurses and doctors were also trained […]

HAP supports the International Conference on Public Health

HAP supported the organization of the 7th International Public Health Conference which took place online on March 23, 2021. The subject matter of this year’s conference was the “Integration of Public Health Services in Primary Health Care”. Prof. Pascal Bovet (University of Lausanne), invited by HAP and the Swiss Institute of Public Health and Family […]

Switzerland provides oxygen equipment for family care

Health centres in Tirana, Fier and Dibër are receiving oxygen concentrators and protective equipment to be used in home care for patients with non-infectious diseases, as well as those with mild to moderate forms of Covid-19 The Embassy of Switzerland through its project ‘Health for All’ has completed the distribution of 58 oxygen concentrators for […]

Revised clinical protocols and guidelines on non-communicable diseases soon to be available for teams of family medicine in Albania.

In Albania NCDs are estimated to account for about 93% of total deaths, with cardiovascular diseases being the main culprit (57% mortality rate)[1] . NCDs have been subject to significant growth over the past two decades, a trend that is expected to continue in the future because of increasing life expectancy and aging of the […]

Young researchers in Albania benefit from a new training program on Scientific Operational Research in Health

In Albania there is a need to boost capacities in operational research with a focus on Primary Health Care and Public Health. The country lacks research education in health professional curricula and teaching documents on research topics in Albanian language. Moreover, there is lack of financial resources to practice and implement research activities in the […]

Informative meetings with local authorities for co-financing the HC reconstructions

Since April 1, 2019, HAP is working on the development and implementation of a co-financing mechanism for the reconstruction and maintenance of the health centers/health posts, with the participation of local government units, in cooperation with regional and local health care authorities. In this respect, during the period July-September 2020, informative meetings were held with […]

Swiss Embassy representatives meet PHC professionals

In July and September, Mrs. Chantal Nicod, Head of the Health and Governance Sector at the Swiss Embassy, accompanied by Mrs. Zhenihen Zanaj, National Health Program Officer (Swiss Embassy) and Dr. Besim Nuri, Health for All Project Manager, visited Patos and Kuman HC (Fier region) and HC No. 1 in Tirana. The purpose of the […]

Ventilators donated from Switzerland, Norway and UNDP arrive in Albania

Under a partnership agreement between the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and three international donors: the Swiss Embassy, the Royal Norwegian Embassy to Albania, and the United Nations Development Program in Albania (UNDP), the new ventilators arrived in Albania. The USD 330,000 contribution of the Swiss Embassy was realized through Health for All Project.

First meeting with young researchers

HAP hosted the first meeting with winners of the ‘Operational research in health 2020 initiative’. The meeting aimed introducing the winners of the first cohort of Operational Research in Health 2020 and their research ideas, thus creating a research team spirit. Mrs. Zhenihen Zanaj-National Program Officer for Health at the SWiss Embassy  and members of […]

HAP supports young researchers to conduct operational researches in health

Health for All launched early this year a funding initiative to support research capacity building through application for  health operational research micro-grants. From 17 January to 20 February 2020, HAP invited young researchers (under 35 years old) to apply for operational research financial support in selected domains of health such as human resources in health, […]

Switzerland, Norway, and UNDP finance the purchase of 30 ventilators to help Albania counter COVID-19

A new contribution of 700,000 USD by the three international donors adds to the 54 ventilators already procured by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection. A joint partnership agreement was signed today, virtually, between the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the Swiss Embassy in Albania, the Royal Norwegian Embassy for Albania, and the […]

COVID-19 micro-site

In the light of COVID-19, HAP has published a micro-site that contains educative materials on COVID-19 infection prevention and control with a special focus on advice’s for PHC professionals that can be found HERE.  Please consider that all materials are available in Albanian only. Additionally, HAP is publishing a weekly newsletter on PHC features in […]

Deadline postponed

The deadline of notification on the application for micro-funds on operational research has been postponed to April 15, 2020 due to COVID-19 situation in Albania.

8th Steering Committee meeting

HAP’s Steering Committee gathered on February 19, 2020 to discuss the main activities of the first half year of the second phase and approved the progress report accordingly. The meeting was co-chaired by General Director for Policies and Development of Health and Social Protection Merita Xhafaj and Head of Governance and Health Domain at Embassy […]

Annual planning workshop 2020-2021

On February 18, 2020 HAP hosted the Annual Planning Workshop to discuss with its partners and PHC stakeholders, on the key activities and priorities of the second year (April 2020 to March 2021) under each output. While implementing an inclusive and participatory approach, HAP invited in the workshop representatives from the Ministry of Health and […]

FAQ on the call for micro-funds in operational research

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Consultation workshop on renovation and maintenance of PHC Infrastructure

During the first phase of Health for All Project, (finalized on March 31, 2019), the Swiss Embassy in collaboration with the Albanian Ministry of Health and Social Protection, invested 3.3 Million Swiss francs for the renovation of 16 buildings that accommodate 17 PHC centers and one polyclinic of specialties in Fier, Diber and Tirana region. […]

Latest developments on the new master program in Family Nursing and update of PHC nurse profiles

A key task for HAP and its collaborators in developing the new master’s program in Family Nursing is hence to be aware of the wider context in Albania in order to be able to design an effective curriculum for nurses. On the 19th of November, a workshop with the working group in charge of designing […]

Swiss Embassy team if charge of health domain visits Burrel

In early November , the team of the Swiss Embassy in charge for the Health Domain headed by Mrs. Chantal Nicod, Head of Health and Governance domain, paid a visit to the Dibra region to get familiarized with the background of interventions and activities carried out by HAP in this region. Mrs. Nicod was accompanied […]

Swiss investment of 1 Million Swiss francs enables quality primary health care services in Lushnje

A cooperation between the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection made possible the renovation of the polyclinic of specialties and two health centers For more than 180,000 inhabitants in Lushnje the renovated polyclinic and health centres offer now the latest international standards in primary health care. […]

Health team of a fully renovated PHC in Fratar provides 24/7 service in rural area

The rehabilitation of the center’s infrastructure and supply of new furniture makes possible the provision of a broader range of services, including medical emergencies and a higher quality of health care and is enabled through a cooperation between the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection – […]

Health centre rehabilitated in Sauk, Tiranë, benefiting 12,000 inhabitants

A cooperation between the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Ministry of Health – through the project ‘Health for All’ – enabled the renovation of Sauk’s health centre The Minister of Health and Social Protection Ogerta Manastirliu visited the newly reconstructed health centre in Sauk, accompanied by the ‘Health for All’ project […]

The PHC strategy working group in a study visit in Slovenia

Since March 2019, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection established a technical group to elaborate the strategy for the Primary Health Care development in Albania. The group is composed of experts of public health and primary health care and by international experts who are mobilized by HAP. The technical group has had a series […]

HAP’s 7th Steering Committee

HAP’s 7th Steering Committee took place in 20 June 2019. During the meeting, key achievements of the first phase were presented altogether main developments occurred in the last year of the first phase (January 2018 to March 2019). The meeting was co-chaired by Deputy Minister of Health and Social Protection Mira Rakacolli and Regional Health Adviser […]

Meetings with quality teams for the accreditation process

During the first phase of the Project, the quality teams in all PHC centers in both HAP regions, have been supported and have performed the self-evaluation of their respective health center. As a result, the needs for interventions have been identified at HC level aiming the fulfillment of the accreditation quality standards. In order to […]

Takes place the HAP-2 annual planning workshop

As of 1 April 2019, the Health for All Project, funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Collaboration (SDC) and implemented by Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) through HAP Center, entered its second phase. In order to plan the activities and priorities of the period April 2019 to March 2020, HAP organized the […]

HAP supports the Health Services Fair

On April 7 on the occasion of the World Health Day, the Health for All Project supported the event organized by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the World Health Organization whose focus was promotion of the services offered at Primary Health Care level in Albania. This year, the theme of World Health […]

SDC delegation meets alumni, students and professors of Health Management Master

Alumni, students of the second cohort and professors of the Health Managements Master met the delegation from  SDC headquaters in Bern headed from Mr. Andreas Gerrits (Deputy Head of Western Balkans Division) and Mr. Thomas Krajnik (Albania Desk) to discuss on the progress of the program and its advantages from the students and professor’s perspective. […]

25,800 inhabitants of Patos municipality have now access to a better health service at the newly rehabilitated HC thanks to the Swiss investment

The medical staff composed of 12 doctors and 41 nurses provide 24/7 health service in the fully reconstructed building upon the latest primary health care international standards. The health center of Patos was visited on 8 March by Prime Minister Edi Rama, Swiss Ambassador in Albania Mr. Adrian Maître, Minister of Health and Social Protection […]

MOHSP hosts meeting on PHC strategy

On March 15 2019 the technical workshop on situational analysis took place at the premises of Ministry of Health and Social Protection in the framework of defining the strategy for the Primary Health Care development in Albania, under the lead of Deputy Minister of Health and Social Protection Mrs. Mira Rakacolli. Heath for All Project […]

Swiss Ambassador Adrian Maître visited two primary health care centers in Fier qark.

Ambassador Maître looked closely at the improved premises in Roskovec HC that have been rehabilitated thanks to an investment from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. Furthermore, he attended one of the PRG’s meetings-a continuing medical education tools presented and supported by Health for All Project. Ambassador Maître met in Portez the healthcare center team who […]

Albanian Demographic and Health Survey (ADHS) 2017-18 completed and report published with SDC support

The Albanian Demographic and Health Survey (ADHS) is a household nationally-representative survey that included interviews in 15,823 families from all 12 Qarks (regions) of Albania. The fieldwork for data collection was carried out between September 2017 and February 2018. The survey provides an updated evidence on the living conditions of respondents, demographic characteristics of the […]

Students enrolled in the Professional Master in Health Management receive printed teaching materials through HAP

On 12th November was the official start of the academic year 2018-2019 for students of the master’s in health management. The Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Economics selected 35 students for the second cohort of the program that started on this day. As part of its support, HAP provided free hard copies of teaching […]

HAP supports workshops of the Network of Chronic Patients

A second workshop with patients and local actors to discuss the challenges and gaps in receiving primary health care services and the implementation of patient rights at the local level for patients with chronic diseases was held in Dibra on 22nd of November 2018. The first workshop with the same objectives took place in 31 […]

PerSHENDETje campaign: a hands-on health promotion approach

During November 2018, the PerSHENDETje campaign stopped in 13 locations in Diber qark thus increasing the locations number to 27 since its initial phase in June this year. Non-communicable chronic diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases) are the biggest killer in Albania and the main cause of disabilities. On this regard, HAP piloted this […]

HAP supported the hospital management course that trained 20 hospital managers

In response to the request of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection regarding the strengthening of management capacities of hospital managers, the HAP project supported the training course “Introduction to Hospital Management” that was finalized on 17th of November 2018. The first ‘Introduction to Hospital Management’ training course took place in June/July 2018 with […]

6th Steering Committee meeting of HAP

HAP invited its stakeholders and partners for the 6th steering committee meeting on 19th of October in the Rogner Hotel in Tirana. The members of the Steering Committee reviewed the implementation of the work program for the first semester of 2018, the recommendations for the mid-term and the work plan for the remaining part of this year. […]

Hapen aplikimet për Masterin Profesional në Menaxhim Shëndetësor

Aplikimet do të vijojnë deri në 12 tetor 2018 pranë Sekretariatit Mësimor të Fakultetit të Mjekësisë. Masteri Profesional në Menaxhim Shëndetësor hapi për herë të parë dyert tetorin e kaluar në sajë të mbështetjes së Agjencisë Zvicerane për Zhvillim dhe Bashkëpunim përmes Projektit Shëndet për të Gjithë (Health for All Project-HAP) dhe bashkëpunimit mes Fakultetit […]

Swiss expert hosts lecture on Practice-Oriented Project (POP)

Prof. Axel Hoffmann, an international expert on health management from the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute in Basel, Switzerland visited Tirana from 11th to 13th of September. During this time, he gave a three-day lecture on Practice-Oriented Project (POP) to the students of the master’s in health management. The description of the POP module […]

Kursi “Hyrje në mënaxhimin Spitalor”

“Hyrje në mënaxhimin Spitalor” është kursi prej 10 modulesh i organizuar nga Minsitria e Shëndetësisë dhe Mbrojtjes Sociale me mbështetjen fiananciare dhe teknike të Agjencisë Zvicerane për Zhvillim dhe Kooperim (SDC) përmes Projektit “Shëndet për të gjithë” (HAP). Objektivi i këtij programi është aftësimi i drejtorëve të spitaleve rajonalë, atyre bashkiakë dhe bashkëpunëtorëve të tyre, […]

SDC mbështet Konferencën e 6-të Ndërkombëtare të Shëndetit Publik

Agjencia Zvicerane për Zhvillim dhe Bashkëpunim (SDC) përmes projektit “Shëndet për të gjithë”, në partneritet me Agjenci të tjera të Kombeve të Bashkuara në Shqipëri (UNFPA, UNICEF, OBSH) mbështetën Konferencën e 6-të Ndërkombëtare të Shëndetit Publik, me temë “Gjetjet dhe Praktikat e mira në shërbimet e shëndetit mendor” në Shqipëri, Tiranë më 8 Maj 2018. […]

Përurohet zyrtarisht programi master në menaxhimin e shëndetësisë

Një program masteri për menaxhimin e shëndetësisë u përurua sot nga Ministrja e Shëndetësisë Ogerta Manastirliu dhe Ambasadorja Ruth Huber – Shefe e Bashkëpunimit me Europën Lindore në Agjencinë Zvicerane për Zhvillim dhe Bashkëpunim (SDC) Dy përfaqësueset e qeverive shqiptare dhe zvicerane vizituan Departamentin e Shëndetit Publik, Fakulteti i Mjekësisë për të përshëndetur studentët dhe lektorët. […]

Një fond zviceran prej 75,000€ rehabiliton qendrën shëndetësore në Libofshë, Fier

Për rreth 10,000 banorë të zonës së Libofshës shërbimet shëndetësore marrin përmirësim të dukshëm: përmes një projekti të Agjencisë Zvicerane për Zhvillim dhe Bashkëpunim (SDC) qendra shëndetësore është rehabilituar plotësisht dhe tashmë ofron shërbim 24 orësh. Qendra shëndetësore e Libofshës në Fier, u përurua sot nga Ambasadori i Zvicrës në Shqipëri Christoph Graf, Ministrja e […]

Projekti Shëndet për të Gjithë prezanton progres-raportin për semestrin e parë të 2017

Anëtarët e Komitetit Drejtues u takuan në Tiranë më 24 tetor 2017, nën drejtimin e Ministres të Shëndetësisë Ogerta Manastirliu dhe Ambasadorit të Zvicrës Christoph Graf, për të shqyrtuar zbatimin e planit të punës për gjashtëmujorin e parë të vitit, rekomandimet e Analizës afatmesme dhe planin e punës për pjesën e mbetur të vitit. Komiteti […]

Hap Dyert Programi i Masterit Profesional në Menaxhim Shëndetësor

  Projekti Shëndet për të Gjithë shënon një tjetër sukses, teksa Fakulteti i Mjekësisë në Universitetin e Mjekësisë ka filluar të pranojë aplikime për Masterin Profesional në Menaxhim Shëndetësor. Përpjekjet për hapjen e këtij kursi datojnë në fillim të viteve 2000 dhe Projekti HAP ka qenë një nga mbështetësit kryesor të tij që prej 2015, […]

Komuniteti i Komsisë tani me një qendër shëndetësore të rikonstruktuar

Komsi (Mat)—Të mërkurën, 21 qershor, në përfundim të punimeve rikonstruktuese, Projekti Shëndet për të Gjithë i dorëzoi Drejtorisë së Shëndetit Publik Burrel qendrën shëndetësore Komsi. Rehabilitmi i kësaj qendre shëndetësore ishte rezultat i një marrëveshje midis HAP dhe Bashkisë Burrel. Kjo është qendra e katërt shëndetësore që HAP ka rehabilituar në qarkun Dibër. Në fillim […]

Shtatëdhjetedy kryeinfermierë në punëtorinë për fuqizimin e rolit të infermierit.

Infermierët që punojnë në kujdesin shëndetësor parësor kanë shumë detyra: janë infermierë të përgjithshëm, por gjithashtu edhe për kujdesin shëndetësor të nënës dhe fëmijës; ofrojnë këshilla mbi shëndetin seksual, por edhe mbi atë mendor; punojnë për një komunitet të shëndetshëm dhe shpesh janë kontakti i parë që banorët e zonave të largëta rurale kanë me […]

Tri qendra të rinovuara shëndetësore në qarkun Dibër gati për t’ju shërbyer 24.000 banorëve

Më 1 qershor, 2017, Projekti Shëndet për të Gjithë (HAP) përfundoi renovimin e tri qendrave shëndetësore në qarkun e Dibrës: Kastriot, Maqellarë dhe Shupenzë. Ndërtesat e rinovuara do të ofrojnë shërbime gjithëpërfshirëse të kujdesit shëndetësor parësor  për rreth 24.000 banorët e njësive administrative përkatëse. Një qendër e katërt shëndetësore, në Komsi, është gjithashtu në proces […]

Trajnim për menaxhimin e emergjencave për stafin e qendrave shëndetësore

Menaxhimi i rasteve të urgjencës është një pjesë integrale e kujdesit shëndetësor parësor. Duke qenë kontakti i parë, sidomos ata që punojnë në qendra shëndetësore 24-orësh, stafi i kujdesit parësor mund të hasi në lloje të ndryshme emergjencash: që nga ataku në zemër te koma diabetike, te lëndimet prej aksidenteve rrugore apo atyre në vendin […]

Stafi dhe partnerë të HAP prezantojnë punimet e tyre në konferencën ndërkombëtare të Shëndetit Publik

Instituti i Shëndetit Publik, me mbështetjen e Projektit Shëndet për të Gjithë (HAP), organizoi më 9 maj Konferencën e 9-të Ndërkombëtare të Shëndetit Public, me focus përcaktorët e sjelljeve të lidhura me shëndetin dhe sëmundjet në vendet e Ballkanit Perëndimor dhe Europës. Specialist nga organizata shëndetësore kombëtare dhe ndërkombëtare, përfshi përfaqësues nga HAP, ofruan gjetje […]

Rikonstruktohet qendra shëndetësore në Cakran, Fier, përfitojnë 15,000 mijë banorë

Një bashkëpunim midis Agjencisë Zvicerane për Zhvillim dhe Bashkëpunim (SDC) dhe Ministrisë së Shëndetësisë bëri të mundur renovimin e qendrës shëndetësore Cakran, Fier, e cila ofron shërbim 24 orësh dhe i shërben rreth 15 mijë banorëve të kësaj zone dhe 3 njësive administrative përreth. Në inaugurimin e Qendrës Shëndetësore të Cakranit merrnin pjesë Ministrja e […]

Punëtori për forcimin e njësive të monitorim-vlerësimit dhe statistikave

Më 27 dhe 28 shkurt, Projekti Shëndet për të Gjithë (HAP) organizoi në Tiranë një punëtori dyditore për Forcimin e sektorëve të monitorimit, vlerësimit dhe statistikave pranë drejtorive të Shëndetit Publik dhe drejtorive rajonale të Fondit të Sigurime të Detyrueshme të Kujdesit Shëndetësor në qarqet e Dibrës dhe Fierit. Punëtoritë u fokusuan te përkufizime kyç […]

Punëtori me ekipet ndërprofesionale të kujdesit shëndetësor parësor

“Ekipet ndërprofesionale në kujdesin shëndetësor parësor” ishte tema e punëtorive një ditë e gjysëm të organizuar nga Projekti Shëndet për të Gjithë në Dibër dhe Fier. Pjesëmarrës në këto punëtori ishin ekipet e qendrave të kujdesit shëndetësor parësor,, të përbërë nga menaxherë, mjekë familje, infermierë familje dhe ambulance, që punojnë në pesë qendra shëndetësore në […]

Projekti Shëndet për të Gjithë krijon një platformë shkëmbimi për menaxherët e qendrave shëndetësore

Në 2016, për të parën herë, Projekti Shëndet për të Gjithë (HAP) prezantoi Forumin e Menaxherëve, një platformë e rëndësishme për shkëmbim, diskutim, zbulim, bashkëpunim, koordinim dhe planifikim të çështjeve menaxheriale në kujdesin shëndetësor parësor. Forumet e parë u krijuan në Fier (2), Burrel (1) dhe Dibër (1) në janar të 2016; Lushnja krijon forum […]

Shkolla të shëndetshme, një iniciative e re për Dibrën dhe Fierin.

Një iniciativë që promovon një stiljetese të shëndetshme dhe aktive në tri shkolla të qarkut Dibër dhe tri shkolla në qarkun Fier. Pas një seri tavolinash të rrumbullakëta me përfaqësues të komuniteteve në Burrel, Shupenzë, dhe Kastriot (Dibër) dhe komuniteteve në Fier, Savër dhe Hekal (Fier), Projekti Shëndet për të Gjithë (HAP) filloi në fund […]

Takimet me komunitetin, një platform për dialog

Kjo është hera e dytë që Qendra Shëndetësore Nr. 1 në Burrel, nën drejtimin e dr. Hyqmete Ruçit, organizon takim me komunitetin. Të mbështetura nga Projekti Shëndet për të Gjithë, si një mjet për t’ju mundësuar qytetarëve pjesëmarrjen në faza të ndryshme të zinxhirit të shërbimit të kujdesit shëndetësor, këto takime kanë fituar emër si […]

Projekti Shëndet për të Gjithë merr pjesë në Konferencë për Kujdesin Shëndetësor të Integruar

Më 15 dhe 16 Shkurt, Projekti Shëndet për të Gjithë (HAP) mori pjesë në konferencën ndërkombëtare “Drejt një Kujdesi Shëndetësor të Integruar”, që u mbajt në Prishtinë. Konferenca u organizua nga projekti zviceran Kujdesi Shëndetësor I Qasshëm dhe Cilësor (AQH), I cili synon të përmirësojë performancën e sistemit shëndetësor parësor në të 12 komunat në […]

Komiteti Drejtues I HAP aprovon planin e punës për 2017-02-03

Komiteti Drejtues i Projektit Shëndet për të Gjithë (HAP) e mirëpriti progresin e bërë nga projekti përgjatë periudhën janar-dhjetor 2016 dhe mbështeti programin e punës për vitin 2017. Anëtarët e Komitetit Drejtues u takuan në Tiranë më 31 janar, 2017, nën drejtimin e Ministrit të Shëndetësisë Ilir Beqaj dhe Ambasadorit të Zvicrës Christoph Graf, për […]

Përfshirja e komunitetit në promocion shëndetësor, një qasje inovative

Në kuadër të asistencës së Agjencisë Zvicerane për Zhvillimin dhe Bashkëpunim për reformën në sektorin e shëndetësisë, në qarqet Dibër dhe Fier kanë filluar të zhvillohen aktivitete të promocionit shëndetësor me pjesëmarrjen e komunitetit lokal. Derimëtani, 345 vullnetarë shëndeti, nga 34 fshatra, janë trajnuar për parandalimin dhe kontrollin më të mirë të tensionit të lartë […]

Përmirësimi i shërbimit shëndetësor nëpërmjet trajnimeve për menaxhim shëndetësor

Menaxherët e qendrave shëndetësore në Dibër dhe Fier po fitojnë aftësi të reja në menaxhim, mirëqeverisje dhe finance falë një iniciative të Projektit Shëndet për të Gjithë. Në përputhje me objektivat për promovimin e përgjegjshmërisë dhe autonomisë së qendrave shëndetësore dhe rritjes së kapaciteteve menaxhuese për drejtuesit e këtyre qendrave, HAP ka filluar trajnime afatshkurtra […]

Këndet e transparencës, një urë e re komunikimi mes qytetarëve dhe shërbimeve shëndetësore

Qytetarët që shërbehen nga tetëdhjetetetë qendrat shëndetësore në Dibër dhe Fier tani kanë një informacion më shumë mbi të drejtat e tyre dhe se ku mund t’i adresojnë shqetësimet e tyre në lidhje me shërbimin shëndetësor parësor. “Këndet e transparencës” prej kohësh të pranishme në të gjitha spitalet e vendit dhe tani, falë një bashkëpunimi […]