Strengthening Home Care Capabilities: Training Continues

Enhancing the provision of home care services remains a priority for HAP, who has been supporting this intervention with ongoing training programs for the family medical team since 2021.

In this regard, approximately 45 nurses from the Rrethinë and Postribë Health Centres in Shkodra have undergone training from May to June 2023, focusing on home care services. These training programs aim to enhance the clinical skills of nurses, enabling them to assess the patients’ needs accurately and provide continuous care.

Specifically, nurses are being trained in the treatment of chronic wounds, urinary and venous catheterization, rapid urine testing, EKG administration, ear lavage, lymphedema management, gastric probing, stoma care, as well as providing guidance on maintaining mobility, nutrition, and documenting daily activities.

These ongoing training initiatives are part of HAP’s efforts to improve the quality of services delivered by family doctors and nurses in the homes of patients who are unable to visit healthcare centres.