Since 2015, we have been collaborating with family doctors and nurses in over 100 primary healthcare centres in the regions of Fier, Dibër, Tiranë, Durrës, Shkodra, Berat, Elbasan, and Korça, where we have contributed to the improvement of the infrastructure, the supply of medical equipment, and the training of the medical team. It is a pleasure for us to witness the improvement in the daily clinical work and the increased quality of service offered to the Albanian population as a result of our support.

Dr. Malvina MangaHealthcare Centre Manager & Family Doctor
HC Melan
Dibër Region

Being facilitator of a Peer Group (a CME tool presented by HAP), improved my qualities as a leader and conveyed a model of the new woman, new doctor who can share information in a professional community. These, raised my confidence in my medical knowledge and the relationships with colleagues.

Dr. Tushe QalliuHealthcare Centre Manager & Family Doctor
HC Aranitas
Fier Region

We have grown all together as a team. We face different problems but we do not hide them, instead we discuss with each-other to find the most suitable solution while we deliver a more quality health service to the community.

Dr. Albiona LamajHealthcare Centre Manager & Family Doctor
HC Patos
Fier Region

By equipping family doctors with the instruments of the doctor’s bag, HAP has greatly improved the patient service quality because now we can talk more confidently thanks to these additional instruments and to us doctors, it has improved the dignity of the white coat.

Mbaresa DimoFamily Nurse
HC Portëz
Fier Region

The training sessions offered by HAP have helped in strengthening my capacities as a specialist. They raised my self-confidence and made me braver to face different situations in our daily work and to manage them professionally, ethically and correctly.