HAP holds workshop on “Advocacy in Healthcare: Primary Healthcare and Vulnerable Groups”

Workshop: Advocacy in Healthcare

The “Health for All Project” organized a workshop on the topic of “Advocacy in Healthcare: Primary Healthcare and Vulnerable Groups” with the participation of Civil Society Organizations and Media working in the field of healthcare advocacy.

The aim of the workshop was to discuss advocacy issues in primary healthcare and the current and future needs of CSOs and Media for the successful implementation of advocacy activities, in order to identify opportunities for collaboration between HAP, CSOs, and Media.

The workshop’s outcomes will serve to further determine collaboration opportunities between HAP, CSOs, and Media in the field of healthcare advocacy, with a focus on vulnerable groups and Primary Healthcare services.

HAP is directly contributing to the implementation of the Primary Health Care Services Development Strategy in Albania 2020-2025, with a particular focus on home care, implementation of protocols for non-communicable diseases, and the organization of peer groups contributing to the continuous education of Primary Healthcare professionals.

In addition to public institutions, HAP has been regularly collaborating with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). Now in the Consolidation Phase, HAP aims to involve CSOs and Media to further contribute to the enhancement of advocacy interventions with the goal of improving access and quality of Primary Healthcare services, especially for vulnerable groups.