Health team of a fully renovated PHC in Fratar provides 24/7 service in rural area

The rehabilitation of the center’s infrastructure and supply of new furniture makes possible the provision of a broader range of services, including medical emergencies and a higher quality of health care and is enabled through a cooperation between the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection – through the project ‘Health for All’.

The Minister of Health and Social Protection Ogerta Manastirliu visited the newly reconstructed health centre in Fratar, accompanied by the ‘Health for All’ manager Besim Nuri and the Mayor of Mallakastra Qerim Ismailaj.

‘Health for All’ is a Swiss government project that aims to strengthen primary health care in Albania by providing financial and technical support for infrastructure improvements, but also for elaboration of policies and strategies on primary health care and human resources for health and capacity strengthening of health professionals.

The project entered Phase 2 in April 2019 and will continue to support the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and its sub-entities in providing a comprehensive package of services in the primary health care sector.  Moreover, the project will support integrating social and health services in order to make sure implementation of a broader range of well-integrated services. In this regard, HAP will introduce new service models for home-based care that will make more accessible health services to vulnerable groups especially in remote rural areas.

In terms of policymaking and governance in the health sector, HAP is providing the necessary technical expertise to MoHSP to elaborate policies and strategic documents focusing in PHC and human resources for health. Additionally, HAP is supporting the initiative of MoHSP and other partners of the health sector to redefine roles and responsibilities of PHC personnel with a focus on health centers and health posts.

Moreover, the project offers support for the strengthening capacities of health professionals by enabling new tools for their continuous medical education, supporting master’s programs in health management and family nursing and continuous training sessions on managerial and clinical skills.

Following the investment of 3 million Swiss francs provided by the Swiss government in the infrastructure improvement of 16 PHC centers in Albania, HAP will work further with local government units in promoting effective maintenance practices of the newly rehabilitated premises.