MOHSP hosts meeting on PHC strategy

On March 15 2019 the technical workshop on situational analysis took place at the premises of Ministry of Health and Social Protection in the framework of defining the strategy for the Primary Health Care development in Albania, under the lead of Deputy Minister of Health and Social Protection Mrs. Mira Rakacolli.

Heath for All Project (HAP) is supporting the technical group established by the Minister of Health and Social Protection composed of experts of public health and primary health care and is supported by international experts who are mobilized by HAP. The main objectives of the workshop were to enable the inter-institutional communication of relevant information needed for PHC development and reach a shared understanding among all participants about the present situational analysis of PHC in Albania.

The workshop was attended by experts from MoHSP, Compulsory Health Insurance Fund, Public Health Institute, National Center of Quality, Safety and Accreditation of Health Institution, Regional Health Operator, Swiss Switzerland represented by the Head of Governance and Health Sector Debora Kern and National Health Program Officer Zhenihen Zanaj and Dr. Besim Nuri, HAP Project Manager and HAP Center Executive Director.