Consultation workshop on renovation and maintenance of PHC Infrastructure

During the first phase of Health for All Project, (finalized on March 31, 2019), the Swiss Embassy in collaboration with the Albanian Ministry of Health and Social Protection, invested 3.3 Million Swiss francs for the renovation of 16 buildings that accommodate 17 PHC centers and one polyclinic of specialties in Fier, Diber and Tirana region. Furthermore, the infrastructure maintenance of these premises and additional ones is an issue that is being addressed during HAP-2.

On this regard, HAP hosted a consultation workshop to discuss on roles, responsibilities and challenges regarding the renovation and maintenance of PHC infrastructure with representatives of MoHSP and regional/local health entities, local government units and NGOs. HAP’s support for the rehabilitation of PHC infrastructure is focusing in the elaboration and implementation of a mechanism for maintenance of PHC infrastructure with participation of LGUs, regional and local health authorities, the Health Insurance Fund and NGOs. This mechanism would enable among other: 1) elaboration of local plans for rehabilitation of infrastructure; 2) division of financial responsibilities of different actors that would make possible a co-funding approach; 3) development of infrastructure maintenance modalities with clear responsibilities. Such mechanism was discussed during the workshop and further developments will follow up to establish a working co-financing scheme.