HAP Supports Mapping of Socio-Health Services in Three Municipalities

In collaboration with local civil society organisations, the Health for All Project (HAP) has supported the mapping of socio-health services in the municipalities of Elbasan, Korçë, and Shkodër.

All social workers at the respective health centres will now have in their hands the document “Network of Socio-Health Services,” which will help them refer patients to supplementary services that the Health Centres cannot provide.

This document is also helpful for other local actors such as the Local Health Care Unit, the Directorate of Social Protection and Inclusion, the Regional State Social Service, and Civil Society, facilitating better recognition and coordination of services in the area under their administration.

This initiative was implemented in line with the National Primary Health Care Strategy 2020-2025 and aims to strengthen socio-health services by improving the quality and access to social services, particularly those targeting vulnerable populations.

Information on socio-health services was collected during the period of November-December 2023.