HAP Starts Collaboration with Two CSOs for Health Advocacy

The Health for All Project (HAP) has begun collaborating with two selected organisations to strengthen advocacy activities aimed at improving the quality and accessibility of primary health care, especially with regard to vulnerable groups.

Now in the Consolidation Phase, HAP has a special interest in enhancing access to home care services (HCS) for chronic patients and the elderly (especially those living alone), as well as other vulnerable groups such as individuals with mental health disorders, women, children, and the elderly who are victims of domestic violence, among others.

To this end, HAP organised a roundtable with civil society organisations, inviting participants to suggest advocacy issues that could bring positive changes in increasing access to home care and/or other primary health care services, improving a holistic approach to services, including public social services and supplementary services offered to home care beneficiaries and elderly individuals living alone. Following this step, HAP continued with the publication of the call for proposals to collaborate with CSOs to support advocacy projects.

The two selected organisations are the Tree of Life Foundation with the project “Establishment of Accessible Physiotherapy Treatment for Individuals Affected by Multiple Sclerosis” and the association Together for Life with the project “Elderly people in temporary and permanent immobility enjoy basic rights for a dignified life through improved homecare”. Both interventions aim to bring changes to the primary health care system in the country, improving services for the aforementioned beneficiaries and providing a more holistic health care service in primary care. The implementation of these projects has already begun, and the collaboration will last for 12 months.

This cooperation reaffirms HAP’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive healthcare system in Albania, ensuring better access and higher quality of care for all.