Nurse Eleni Tafa: Training on standard nursing procedures very valuable for providing Home Care Service

Eleni Tafa serves as a Home Care Nurse in the Gostima Health Centre in the Elbasan region. Thanks to her high results during the training, she has been selected to train the rest of the staff on the necessary standard nursing procedures required for delivering Home Care Service to selected patients in the area. We talked with Eleni about the significance of this training in her daily work.

Which nursing procedures from the 5-day training have proven most beneficial to you?

The nursing procedures that have helped me the most from the 5-day training include oxygen therapy, performing EKGs, administering opiates, caring for decubitus wounds, placing nasogastric tubes, and urinary catheterization.

How practical was the training, and have you had the opportunity to practice the procedures you learned?

The training was very practical, and I had the opportunity to practice several procedures such as performing EKGs, treating decubitus wounds, and placing venous catheters.

In what ways do you anticipate the training on these standard nursing procedures affecting your role as a family nurse?

Undoubtedly, this training has enhanced my nursing skills, proving invaluable not only for me but also for our patients. The enhancement of my skills directly impacts the quality of service I provide, which is now significantly improved. I now have greater professional confidence and feel more adept at explaining and performing nursing procedures, both in theory and in practice.

What do you think would help you overcome the difficulties that may arise from implementing these procedures in clinical practice?

I believe that integrating these procedures into our daily routines would be more manageable with periodic repetition of practical training sessions. Also, being equipped with the necessary tools for providing the service has enabled us to offer a more quality and dignified service to our patients.

Do you feel more equipped to impart this training to your colleagues? What aspects have proven effective, and where do you see room for improvement?

I believe that my practical skills in administering procedures have improved, enabling me to effectively share this training with my colleagues. However, I acknowledge the need for improvement in public speaking skills so as to deliver clear and organized presentations of the information I aim to convey.