HAP Gets Recognition for Achievements in Steering Committee Meeting

In the latest meeting of the Health for All Project (HAP) Steering Committee on November 24, hosted at the Ministry of Health and Social Protection (MoHSP), key stakeholders gathered to review and discuss the progress achieved by HAP during the first semester of Year 1 of the Consolidation Phase, spanning from April to September 2023.

MoHSP Deputy Minister, Denada Seferi, expressed appreciation for HAP’s accomplishments in her opening remarks, highlighting the successful execution of all planned activities within the reporting period. Ms. Seferi emphasised the collaborative efforts between MHSP and HAP, particularly in the implementation of home healthcare services across 50 Healthcare Centres. Recognising HAP’s role in standardising healthcare services through the elaboration of protocol and clinical guidelines, Ms. Seferi underscored the need for a more holistic approach to serving vulnerable groups receiving home healthcare services.

Sabine Piccard, representing the Swiss Embassy, noted the alignment of HAP’s consolidation phase objectives with the Primary Health Care Strategy. She praised the leading role played by MoHSP and emphasised the institution’s importance in ensuring the sustainability of interventions beyond the HAP timeframe. Ms. Piccard added that the expansion of home healthcare services in 8 new regions aligns with the EU’s healthcare priorities for Albania, promoting equal access for vulnerable population groups to healthcare services.

Project Manager, Besim Nuri, presented the key project activities during the initial six months of Year 1 of the Consolidation Phase, as well as the upcoming activities for the remaining period, from December 2023 to March 2024. Noteworthy areas of focus included home healthcare, protocols for non-communicable diseases (NCDs), and Peer Groups as a form of continuing education for healthcare professionals.

During the ensuing discussions, participants delved into topics such as the challenges in scaling up services nationally, coordination among key health institutions and civil society, the financial sustainability of home healthcare, and the integration of healthcare services with social and mental health services.

In conclusion, Sabine Piccard from the Swiss Embassy reiterated that MoHSP and its affiliated institutions will play the leading role during the HAP Consolidation Phase and that the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) looks forward to seeing the action plan for scaling up new services in order to respond to the national priorities and make available financial and human resources.

The 17th Steering Committee Meeting concluded with collective recognition of HAP’s achievements and a commitment to further cooperation and coordination for the successful implementation of primary healthcare services in Albania.

The next Steering Committee meeting is scheduled to be held in April next year.