Dr. Bajram Lami: Patient visits increase following the rebuilding of health centre

Dr. Bajram Lami is the doctor of the recently rebuilt health centre in the village of Zall Mner, in the municipality of Kamëz. We spoke together about his extensive experience in serving the community and the benefits brought by the improvement of infrastructure in the quality and range of services provided to the residents of the area.

How many years have you been working in the Zall Mner health centre? How many residents does this health centre cover, and what services are offered?

I started working at the Zall Mner health centre in July 1997. Currently, this health centre provides healthcare services to approximately 2,800 residents. In addition to family medicine services, this health centre also covers Maternal and Child Health services, including the vaccination of children according to the vaccination schedule. Furthermore, injections and, when necessary, patient rehydration are also performed.

Throughout these years, what was your experience in providing health services to the community?

Having served as a doctor for 30 years has allowed me to have a very good doctor-patient relationship, with almost everyone being very trusting and cooperative. As a result, the level of service offered is quite high. Fortunately, we have had positive experiences and have succeeded in managing a wide variety of cases while providing the service. This has made us feel happy with what we do.

With a newly rebuilt centre, what has changed in your daily work?

Today, the centre is truly a facility that, thanks to the rebuilding, offers all the necessary conditions, enabling the provision of a high-quality service. The patients feel comfortable and willingly come to receive care. This can be seen by the increased flow of visits after the health centre was rebuilt. Not only has the number of visits increased, but also the services received by the patients. All of this is made possible by the conditions now provided by this health centre.

Could you also tell me a few words about the home-based care you have recently introduced?

Home-based care started two months ago. Currently, I have four scheduled patients who suffer from cardiac, diabetic, pulmonary, and chronic renal insufficiency conditions. They are all being monitored and their medical records are maintained by the nurse. Home-based care has been received with great satisfaction by both the patients and their families.

How has the centre’s rebuilding affected the work of the healthcare staff?

We feel truly happy and comfortable in our work, as our goal is to improve the health of the population and the quality of the service. We express endless gratitude, not only from the healthcare personnel but above all from the patients, to the Embassy of Switzerland and the Swiss government for enabling this important investment in improving the healthcare infrastructure in our community.

We thank Dr. Lami and the medical staff in Zall Mner for their tireless dedication to providing healthcare services to the residents of the area.