Health centre rehabilitated in Sauk, Tiranë, benefiting 12,000 inhabitants

A cooperation between the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Ministry of Health – through the project ‘Health for All’ – enabled the renovation of Sauk’s health centre

The Minister of Health and Social Protection Ogerta Manastirliu visited the newly reconstructed health centre in Sauk, accompanied by the ‘Health for All’ project manager Besim Nuri and the Deputy Mayor of Tirana Anisa Ruseti.

The rehabilitation is part of the support provided through Health for All Project (HAP) to improve primary health care in Albania. Inhabitants of rural areas in particular can benefit a lot from access to health care closer to their location.

“I thank ‘Health for All’ and the Swiss government for their support in rehabilitating 16 health centres in Dibër, Fier and Tirana and also for the precious training of medical staff in order to offer a full package of quality primary care for citizens”, said Minister Manastirliu.

“As the health sector continues to improve, our project contributed with a package of 3 million Swiss francs provided by the Swiss government. Infrastructure improvements are complemented by training health professionals and strengthening their capacities. That is our main focus and I am glad to say that ‘Health for All’ will continue to support primary health care during its second phase”, said Besim Nuri, Manager of the ‘Health for All’ project.

‘Health for All’ is a Swiss government project that aims to strengthen primary health care in Albania – a priority area for the country. Infrastructure investments is only a part of the intervention as the project supports the Albanian government in setting policies on primary health care and health workforce. It also provides equipment and instruments for doctors and nurses, strengthens their capacities in service provision, supports Master’s programmes in health management and family nursing, and raises public awareness on health and disease prevention.

In addition to renovating the Sauk health centre, the ‘Health for All’ project provided also 10 bags with equipment and instruments for nurses and usage instructions. Swiss support for improving primary health care infrastructure so far has enabled the renovation of 16 health centers and one polyclinic in Dibër, Fier and Tirana. This means better health services for more than 190,000 inhabitants.