22 health centers preparing to provide HBC services

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection has selected 22 health centers (HCs) in Tirana, Durrës, Elbasan, Korca and Shkodër regions for the first phase of national upscaling of home-based care (HBC)-an intervention introduced by HAP and piloted in 9 HCs in the regions of Dibra and Fier.

In this context, the 22 HCs have started preparatory activities for the provision of home-based care.  The teams from all HCs were trained in designing the database of patients that will receive HBC services. As a result, roughly 970 patients are expected to receive health care at home in the selected HCs. Following that, HAP will provide the medical equipment required for the delivery of HHC services as well as train nursing staff in the necessary skills to perform nursing procedures at home.