New master program in Family Nursing approved

The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth has approved the opening of the “Family Nursing” program, which will be offered for the first time in Albania by the Faculty of Medical and Technical Sciences (University of Medicine, Tirana).

HAP has supported the establishing of the master program by providing the following:

  • Improvement of the teaching infrastructure through the construction of the simulation laboratory of clinical practice at the FSHMT which aims at the best possible practical training of students
  • Technical expertise for the multidisciplinary working group for drafting the master’s curriculum. The working group, consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Health, UMT, FSHMT, Physician’s Order, Nurse’s Order as well as Primary Health Care providers) is supported by international and local experts.
  • Increasing the capacities of responsible lecturers through the provision of reference literature, training by local and international experts, study visits to international educational institutions.
  • Free provision of learning materials to students before the start of each module.
  • Improving the infrastructure in primary care health centers where teaching practices for students will take place. The supervisors of the practice and nursing teams of the HSC who will provide teaching practices in family nursing have been trained with the aim of practical training of students.