Latest developments on the new master program in Family Nursing and update of PHC nurse profiles

A key task for HAP and its collaborators in developing the new master’s program in Family Nursing is hence to be aware of the wider context in Albania in order to be able to design an effective curriculum for nurses. On the 19th of November, a workshop with the working group in charge of designing the curriculum was held to identify internal and external aspects that facilitate or hinder the process, determining the situational context of the educational program and the role of the nurse in Albania.

To support the designing of a curriculum, international experts Greet van Malderen and Mieke Deschodt from the Swiss TPH visited Albania and headed workshops on the 9th and 10th of December in Tirana with the working group to further advance the process of introducing a new master’s program. While in Albania, the two experts also met with people responsible for the profile of nurses in primary health care and the working group developing and implementing new nursing profiles in PHC.

Topic of the meeting were key questions such as the contextual analysis that needs to be carried out in order to understand influences on an advanced care model and the implementation of an updated role for nursing. As the process is ongoing, aspects such as responsibilities of nurses in such a new model, role description or how an updated description of the role will be different from existing models were topic of the meeting.