Swiss Embassy team if charge of health domain visits Burrel

In early November , the team of the Swiss Embassy in charge for the Health Domain headed by Mrs. Chantal Nicod, Head of Health and Governance domain, paid a visit to the Dibra region to get familiarized with the background of interventions and activities carried out by HAP in this region. Mrs. Nicod was accompanied by Mrs. Zhenihen Zanaj, National Program Officer for Health (Swiss Embassy) and Dr. Besim Nuri, Health for All Project Manager. In the Dibra region, more than 43,000 inhabitants benefit from the improved infrastructure in five PHC centers that have been renovated with Swiss support. Moreover, HAP has equipped all family nurses and family doctors with professional bags containing medical instruments required for daily clinical practice, and continually contributes to the improvement of clinical and managerial skills of PHC teams through trainings and continuing education measures.

During the visit, the team met with Mat municipality mayor Agron Malaj and head of the local unit of health services Etmond Kalthi who both acknowledged Swiss support in the improvement of primary healthcare services.

The project is supporting the quality teams of several health centers in Dibra to progress into the accreditation process and the Swiss team met with the quality teams of four HCs who attended the meeting on “Drafting the plan for fulfillment of basic standards for accreditation of HCs”.