Training for Trainers on Standard Nursing Procedures Concludes in 27 Health Centres

As part of the efforts to enhance the professional skills of family nurses during the provision of Home Care, HAP supported the development of Training-of-Trainers workshops related to standard nursing procedures, which have now successfully concluded in 27 health centres in the Local Health Care Units of Tirana, Durrës, Elbasan, Korça, Berat, and Shkodra.

The 5-day training program addressed the implementation of 18 important nursing procedures, combining theoretical knowledge with practical application and the exchange of real home caregiving experiences. This approach significantly increased the professional competence of nurses in managing various health situations that arise during the provision of home care.

During the training, presentations, videos combined with the Manual of Standard Nursing Procedures, prepared with the support of HAP, were efficiently used. The training was conducted by field experts and ensured active participation from all attending nurses who utilized specific equipment and materials to practice the procedures on the provided mannequins.

The training on standard nursing procedures not only strengthens the professional capacities of nurses but also emphasizes their crucial role in family medicine and the respect for patients’ rights to receive quality health care at home.