On International Nurses Day, Nurses Testify about HAP’s Support

On International Nurses Day, we thought of hearing from the nurses themselves about the impact of HAP’s interventions in improving their professional skills, empowering their role in the family medicine team and supporting them with the equipment needed to best deliver their service.

Here’s what they had to say:

Thanks to the The Health for All Project the nurses’ role in the provision of primary care has been strengthened. We can now manage various situations that arise in our daily work with professionalism, ethics, and accuracy.

Xhersila Budani, Nurse, Health Centre No. 4, NjVKSh Elbasan

Hello! My name is Gabriela Shestani and I am a nurse in the Gur i Zi Health Centre. The collaboration with HAP has improved my skills as a nurse and has directly impacted the quality of service we provide to our patients.

Gabriela Shestani, Gur i Zi Health Centre, NjVKSh Shkodër

Hello! I am Eduard Pira, head nurse of the Bushat Health Centre. I extend my thanks to HAP for providing us with the necessary training, materials and practical support, making us feel better equipped to cooperate and offer a better quality of care for the community we serve. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to join the group of trainers and train the other colleagues in my health centre and many others in the future.

Eduard Pira, Head Nurse, Bushat Health Centre, NjVKSh Shkodër

Hello! I am Klara Feçanji, Region 2 Health Centre, Korçë. The collaboration with HAP has given a new impetus not only to our professional growth but also to a better quality of care for individuals with specific medical needs.

Klara Feçanji, Nurse, Health Centre No. 2, NjVKSh Korçë

Hello! I am the coordinator of home care services in the Kashari Health Centre. I would like to thank the HAP Project for providing training to improve our managerial capacities and make primary healthcare stronger and more efficient. HAP has also supplied us with the basic equipment for a better primary care service delivery for the chronically ill and disabled.

Elda Coniku, Nurse, Kashar Health Centre, NjVKSh Tiranë

Hello! I am Dorina Karaj, the home care coordinator of Health Centre No. 4 in Tirana. I would like to thank the HAP Project for their support and the training they provided, mainly in the establishment of Peer Groups which have been the basis of our capacity building, enabling us to provide a more efficient service. Thank you, HAP, for the support.

Dorina Karaj, Nurse, Health Centre No. 4, NjVKSh Tiranë

Hello! I am Adhurim Xhepi, a nurse at the Klos Health Center. I would like to take this opportunity to thank HAP for the support they have provided, the assistance given to us in offering training and equipment aimed at improving the delivery of home care services efficiently and with quality in the community where we work. Thank you!

Adhurim Xhepi, Nurse, Klos Health Centre, NjVKSh Burrel

Thanks to HAP’s support, over 1,500 nurses in the targeted regions have been trained in home care service, advanced nursing procedures, mental health disorders, and elderly care.