HAP Welcomes Visit from Medical University of Vienna

HAP had the pleasure of welcoming a team from the Medical University of Vienna interested in learning more about Albanian culture, the healthcare system, and community health practices.

Led by Prof. Dr. Türkan Akkaya-Kalayci, Head of the Postgraduate University Master Program in Transcultural Medicine and Diversity Care, the delegation included students and several professors.

On May 13th, the Health for All Project (HAP) team hosted an insightful session focusing on the history and background of Primary Health Care (PHC) services in Albania. On May 14th, the delegation also visited the Vorë Socio-Health Centre where they had the chance to observe firsthand the organisation of work and service provided within the country’s primary healthcare.

These activities provided valuable opportunities for sharing knowledge and experiences about our health system and cultural diversity in Albania.

The team stayed in Tirana until May 17 and visited other health care facilities including mental health centres and hospitals.

We are grateful to all the staff at the Vorë Health Centre for their collaboration and the team from the University of Vienna for this enriching exchange of experiences.