Meetings with quality teams for the accreditation process

During the first phase of the Project, the quality teams in all PHC centers in both HAP regions, have been supported and have performed the self-evaluation of their respective health center. As a result, the needs for interventions have been identified at HC level aiming the fulfillment of the accreditation quality standards.

In order to discuss towards the recognition for implementation of accreditation standards and plan HAP’s support in this regard, we launched a new series of meetings with HCs quality teams in Fier and Dibra region altogether  representatives of local health authorities. As for the time being, HAP has provided the following:

  • support for the development of a set of quality-related model documents that help HCs in fulfilling the requirements of several standards regarding infrastructure, human resources, information management, safety, patients rights, support service and quality improvement
  • distribution of hard copies of the ‘Quality standards for accreditation of PHC settings’ and “Set of documents  for accreditation of PHCs’ to all HCs in both regions
  • support for the establishing and making functional of mixed Peer Groups dedicated to the recognition for implementation of quality standards