Appointment scheduling system implemented at Klos HC

Scheduling visits with the family physician is one of the standard requirements for health centers. In this framework, HAP supported the Patos HC in 2020 to implement planning for chronic disease patient consultations, children’s vaccination and to follow pregnant women along their pregnancy. The appontment system established with the support of HAP includes: a telephone system, the installation of the electronic calendar (to digitally book visits) with each family physician and implementation of the communication campaign with family medicine teams and in the community.

The assessment for the implementation of this approach (undertaken in July 2021) showed that users are very satisfied with the appointment system, that consultations are better prepared and conducted by more dedicated professionals, that patients face shorter waiting times, that the daily work for family physicians and family nurses is planned better, and that measures for the prevention of COVID-19 are better implemented.

Based on the experience in Patos, HAP is supporting the implementation of the appointment system in the Klos HC, which started in November 2021. To date, the users of the appointment system in the Klos HC have stated that they are satisfied with the new system and ready to improve it further.