Updated job profiles of PHC personnel

The primary health care system faces the challenge of health manpower distribution on one side, and the capacity of personnel to cope with existing and new health challenges the population is dealing with. Empirical data show that not all remote and rural communities are covered with medical services provided by family physicians.

HAP-2 is supporting the initiative of MoHSP and other partners of the health sector to redefine roles and responsibilities of PHC personnel with a focus on health centers and health posts. The purpose of this undertaking would be to redesign job profiles of community nurses in order to capacitate this professional category to face the new health challenges and the burden of disease in Albania, especially those related to NCDs and cancer, women children and adolescents’ health and care for elderly people in the ageing population of Albania.

HAP-2 is providing the necessary technical expertise in order to share the best models that are considered successful in selected countries with similar economic and social conditions. The experts will work closely with Albanian policymakers and representatives of the most important stakeholders (MoHSP and related agencies, professional orders and associations, academic institutions, local authorities etc.) in order to elaborate and develop the most suitable models that have high probability to be successfully implemented.