Accreditation and clinical protocols

Quality of PHC service delivery is improved through the accreditation procedures and the promotion on use of clinical protocols as well as e- and digital health solution at PHC level.

In this regard, the project will publish and make available to every PHC physicians, in paper and electronic format, the guides and protocols that will be validated with the concerned actors of the health system in Albania and will support training and other related conditions in order to facilitate implementation in practice of the clinical guides and protocols including e- and digital solutions for protocols. Additionally, HAP will provide support for the development of monitoring and supervision capacities of selected Albanian organizations in order to make sure the finalized and validated protocols are effectively used in practice by health care providers.

Moreover, HAP is supporting primary care teams to elaborate all the package of the necessary documents required for accreditation. These documents must be adapted to the context of every health center. Moreover, the management team is being supported to implement other necessary procedures for achieving the quality standards elaborated by MoHSP.