Master in Family Nursing

Training of nurses at the undergraduate level is already institutionalized in Albania. Universities have also institutionalized different post-graduate training programs such as Master’s in nursing, with an emphasis on specific professional categories. However, no professional Master’s in family nursing has been developed and implemented so far. There is a clearly articulated need to establish such a program in order to enhance training of this professional category that will be able to respond to the growing needs of an ageing population. Therefore, HAP-2 is closely collaborating with the Faculty of Technical Medical Sciences at the Medical University in order to develop and implement a professional Master’s program in Family Nursing.

HAP-2 will provide technical expertise from specialized academic institutions from Switzerland and/or other Western European country in order to work with the academic personnel of the Faculty of Medical Technical Sciences and will provide training in order to increase the technical and pedagogic capacities of the academic personnel of the Faculty. Moreover, support will be provided for: the improvement of teaching infrastructure, strengthening of pedagogical and technical skills of nurse teachers, facilitating the process of affiliation of a few health centers to the Faculty of Nurses with the purpose of creating the practice environment for the students and supporting of learning environments for the young family nurses at these affiliated health centers.