Operational research in health

Evidence-based management and decision-making requires fresh and specifically tailored information that is often collected and processed through operational research. HAP has supported the process of operational research during phase 1 through ADHS, quality and household studies in the geographic areas covered by the project, study on vulnerability (in process) etc. However, research capacities remain weak in Albania and there is a need to further strengthen competences of young researchers in related areas such as elaboration of research protocols, research data processing and statistics, fund raising for research, scientific writing and publication. Moreover, it is necessary to contribute towards development of a culture of policy translation, i.e. integration of research findings and conclusions into policies and strategies and decision-making processes.

HAP’s support for operational research consists mainly in: strengthening capacities of organizations with a research mandate for instance through specific workshops on proposal elaboration, research funding or scientific writing articles; providing micro-funds for operational research related to health services, PHC, HRH and non-communicable disease control; assuring the effective dissemination of newly generated evidence to policy and practice; providing support and opportunities for national/international conferences to disseminate research results and supporting functioning of the National and/or university-based Committee of Ethical Clearance in health-related operational research