Continuous Medical Education

Continuing education for most of the categories of health personnel has been a central piece among SDC interventions during the last 10 years. HAP has succeeded to generate an important volume of CE activities by supporting PRGs of physicians, nurse and managers at PHC level.  During the second phase, HAP will continue to support the consolidation and scaling-up / extension of PGs thereby ensuring a progressive transfer of the advocacy and support role to the respective Albanian institutions and will carry out the evaluation of sustainability, efficiency and effectiveness of PGs in response to the request from National Center for Continuous Education (NCCE). In this regard, HAP will continue to support NCCE in ensuring quality assurance of CME activities.

HAP will also support selected actors of the health/education sector(s) to become long-term CME providers, will provide assistance for the introduction and implementation of new CME approaches such as clinical audits, supportive supervision and will support to include health care managers in the re-certification system.