Policies and strategies for PHC

Health for All Project is providing the necessary technical expertise to MoHSP to elaborate policy and strategic documents regarding Primary Health Care (PHC) and Human Resources for Health (HRH) in Albania based on inclusive approaches associating the educational sector and civil society. In this regard, since 2019 HAP is supporting the task force established by MoHSP to develop a primary health care strategy by mobilizing international and local experts.

The Project will offer the necessary expertise to support MoHSP to develop a PHC strategy and human resources for health strategy by producing evidence and make it available to key stakeholders related to PHC and family medicine as well as HRH, including aspects related to graduate training, post-graduate training and CME of doctors and nurses; supporting development of planning and management tools necessary for HRH development and monitor general trends in health workforce production and migration; elaborating and proposing approaches for retaining health workers in rural areas.