Collaboration at local level

During the first phase of the project, 3.3 Million Euro have been invested for the total rehabilitation of 16 primary healthcare centers. In this context, HAP-2 and Albanian partners propose supporting elaboration and implementation of a planning mechanism with participation of LGUs, regional and local health authorities, the Fund and NGOs. This mechanism would produce among other: 1) local plans for rehabilitation of infrastructure; 2) financial responsibilities of different actors such as LGUs/HAP/other, that would make possible a co-funding approach; 3) infrastructure maintenance modalities with clear responsibilities.

During the second phase, the  Project will outline, agree and implement co-funding schemes for infrastructure and equipment investments at municipal level; Support elaboration and monitoring of annual plans outlining health priorities and interventions at local level with the focus on infrastructure and maintenance; Promote necessary conditions for citizens’ participation in the discussion of health care related problems at the PHC at the municipal level; Advocate and promote allocation of financial resources for maintenance practices at local level.