Digital Health Solutions

Digital solutions offer numerous opportunities for healthcare providers and service users, simultaneously bringing forth challenges, threats, and new realities for the healthcare system and services.

HAP has piloted and tested the appointment scheduling system for Family Doctors (FD) in two health centres, aiming to provide consultations for patients affected by non-communicable diseases (NCDs), children, and pregnant women. Going forward, HAP will collaborate closely with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the Operator, the Health Insurance Fund, academic institutions, and professional orders/associations to plan, develop, and accommodate the digital solutions proposed in the consultation meetings. The project will support:

– Further expansion of the FD appointment scheduling system to offer better-prepared consultations, reduce patient waiting times, and improve the daily work structure of FDs and Family Nurses (FNs).

– Digitalisation of NCD protocols in the form of digital algorithms or applications that facilitate clinical decision-making by the family medicine team.

– Development of teleconsultation services to facilitate interaction between family doctors and their patients, as well as between family doctors and specialist physicians at regional hospitals or the University Hospital Centre

– Development of e-learning capacities for continuing education to support the provision of home care, implementation of protocols for NCDs, functioning of peer groups, etc.

– Development of other digital solutions to meet the needs of partner institutions.