Geographical upscale of clinical guidelines and protocols for NCD

During Phase 2, the Project successfully developed protocols and clinical guidelines for the management of five non-communicable diseases (NCDs): diabetes, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and dyslipidaemia. The protocols were approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection (MoHSP), and the Operator disseminated them for implementation in all Primary Healthcare Centres.

HAP provided support for the training of all Family Doctors (FDs) and one-third of Family Nurses (FNs) in Fier and Dibër on the use of these protocols through train-the-trainer programs, direct trainings, and Peer Groups. Since the last year of Phase 2, HAP has continued its close collaboration with the Operator and Local Units of Healthcare (LUHCs) to upscale the implementation of protocols for the five NCDs in the regions of Shkodra, Durrës, Berat, Elbasan, Tirana, and Korça.

In this context, HAP will provide support for:

– The Operator to facilitate the training of a critical mass of trainers who will then be mobilized by LUHCs and healthcare centres to continue training their colleagues on the use of clinical protocols.

– LUHCs to expand and consolidate Peer Groups as the most effective instrument for acquiring new knowledge and practical skills for the implementation of protocols and clinical guidelines.

– The Operator, LUHCs, and the Health Insurance Fund to monitor the implementation of the NCD protocols and guidelines.

– Providing basic medical equipment to selected Family Medicine teams to improve their services through the implementation of protocols.

– Developing the capacities of Family Medicine teams (FDs and FNs) to provide promotional and educational activities for the prevention and control of NCDs at the Primary Healthcare Centres and during home visits.