Implementation of new models of Primary Healthcare

The Health for All Project will support the further development of new models of Primary Healthcare (PHC) during the implementation of the PHC Strategy 2020-2025.

HAP is supporting the Ministry of Health and Social Protection (MoHSP) in the implementation of this strategy not only through activities in the targeted regions, but also by providing technical support as follows:

– Monitoring the PHC Strategy 2020-2025 and preparing a monitoring report with findings and recommendations.
– Elaborating a baseline for the new PHC Strategy (2026 and beyond) based on an assessment report produced in the final year of the implementation of the PHC strategy.
– Supporting the elaboration of a Plan of Action for the upscaling of home care services, protocols, etc.
– Mobilizing technical expertise (international and local) to elaborate other regulatory documents, guidance manuals, etc., that govern PHC development.