Home-based care for vulnerable groups

Inclusiveness is one of the important principles that HAP has kept in mind during the development and piloting of home care services in collaboration with other partners in the healthcare field. The aim of this intervention is to identify and reach the most vulnerable patients who are unable to visit healthcare centres due to their health conditions and limited abilities.

Enhancing access to primary care services and providing them to vulnerable groups is one of the objectives of the Consolidation Phase. Vulnerable groups include disabled patients with chronic illnesses who are unable to leave their homes, elderly and/or individuals living alone, patients affected by mental health disorders, women and children from impoverished families, and others.

To carefully identify and include these vulnerable individuals in the offered services, HAP will closely collaborate with healthcare providers in rural and urban communities, municipalities, civil society organizations (CSOs), and patient organisations. The planned activities, inspired by the principle of “leaving no one behind,” can be summarized as follows:

– Contribute towards the strengthening of interfaces and networking between social services at the level of municipalities, health centres, and local CSOs so as to identify in real time community members at higher risk of vulnerability and include these categories in the social plans elaborated locally.

– Collaborate with and support local CSOs to better identify vulnerable individuals and provide complementary services that improve their quality of life.

– Support the improvement of accessibility and quality of services for the elderly through the training of family doctors (GPs) and family nurses (FNs) in the implementation of the Elderly Care Manual in Primary Healthcare (PHC) as approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection (MoHSP).

– Support the improvement of accessibility and quality of services for patients affected by mental health disorders by training FDs, FNs, and psychosocial professionals in PHC for the implementation of the Mental Health Management Guidelines in PHC as approved by MoHSP.