The first PHC strategy in Albania has been approved

In Albania, traditionally, most of the population’s contacts with the health system occur at the health center level and many health problems are addressed by general practitioners or even nurses in primary health care facilities (especially in remote areas). However, demographic, and epidemiological changes, ever-increasing expectations for health care, linked with the high risks of […]

A new initiative in Albania supports young researchers to conduct operational research in health

Albania faces lack of evidence in primary health care and public health that creates a gap between policy making and planning processes and operations to undertake in order to gain health benefits. There is lack of human resources and capacities to conduct operational research and insufficient financing opportunities. Therefore, Health for All Project in Albania […]

Health centers progress toward accreditation

The quality teams of eight health centers in FIer region (Patos, Roskovec, Araniotas, Lushnje No. 1) and Diber region (Burrel, Komsi, Klos, Melan) attended training and coaching sessions for the elaboration of a set of regulatory documents such as: regulation for infection prevention and control, program for prevention and control of diabetes, program for prevention […]

Developments on reforming family nursing

As previously communicated, reinforcing the role of nurses in primary healthcare, is at the base of two HAP outputs, namely: update of the role of nurse in PHC and establishment of a new master program in family nursing. The respective technical groups of each intervention and international experts have worked in parallel. Based on the […]

Annual planning workshop 2020-2021

On February 18, 2020 HAP hosted the Annual Planning Workshop to discuss with its partners and PHC stakeholders, on the key activities and priorities of the second year (April 2020 to March 2021) under each output. While implementing an inclusive and participatory approach, HAP invited in the workshop representatives from the Ministry of Health and […]

Meeting with lecturers of the Health Management master’s program

On Wednesday, September 18th, HAP hosted a consulting meeting with representatives from the University of Medicine (Faculty of Medicine) and the University of Tirana (Faculty of Economy) that are offering the professional master in Health Management since 2017. Topic of the meeting was the possibility of introducing optional modules on Hospital Management into the current […]

International experts in nursing visiting Albania

HAP is supporting the initiative of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and other health sector stakeholders to strengthen the nursing profession in order to address the future health challenges in Albania, especially the increasing burden of disease related to non-communicable diseases and the health care needs of the elderly and vulnerable population. For […]