Training of quality teams on standards for accreditation of health centers

During September and October, quality teams of 18 health centers from Dibra and Fier regions have attended five two-day training sessions on standards for accreditation of health centers. Namely, 22 family doctors (of which 18 HC managers), 37 nurses, 5 finance managers, 7 coordinators of quality of care from Local Units of Health Care and 1 representative from the National Center of Quality, Safety and Accreditation of health facilities were trained by a team of family doctors and nurses. The training had strong practical sound and interaction and exchanges between trainees and trainers thus contributing to the capacity building of the quality teams in guiding and supporting HCs in the way of accomplishing quality standards for accreditation of HCs. The practical session (day 2) conducted on-site helped both the trainees (as external estimators) and the HCs evaluated in having a clearer understanding of the measures/actions to be taken and responsibilities to be exerted on the way to accomplishment of the accreditation standards requirements.