Field visit of nursing professors from the University of Medicine in Fier and Dibër

In Albania, there is no professional master’s degree in Family Nursing developed and implemented so far. There is a clearly articulated need to establish such a program in order to enhance training of this professional category to respond to the growing needs of an ageing population. Therefore, one of the outputs of HAP-2 is the establishment of a professional master’s program in Family Nursing that will be delivered through a collaboration with the Faculty of Technical Medical Sciences at the University of Medicine.

In this regard, on September 3rd and 6th, 8 professors and the vice dean of the Faculty of Technical Medical Sciences visited health centers and health posts in Fier region, namely in Patos, Grizë and Kuman and in Dibër region, namely in Burrel and Komsi. During the visit, the professors observed the nurses during their work in teams of two and subsequently, the different roles, expectancies and duties of the nurses were discussed. Overall, the idea of the visit was to provide insights into the reality and practice of nurses to complement theoretical knowledge and help the professors provide relevant teaching.