International experts in nursing visiting Albania

HAP is supporting the initiative of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and other health sector stakeholders to strengthen the nursing profession in order to address the future health challenges in Albania, especially the increasing burden of disease related to non-communicable diseases and the health care needs of the elderly and vulnerable population.

For this reason, Mrs. Greet van Malderen and Mrs. Mieke Deschodt, international experts in nursing and public health care hosted workshops in Tirana thus heading a consultative process of exploring the actual status of roles and functions of nurses at health centers (including health posts) in Albania and the potential updating of nurse profiles of relevance to Albania with specific consideration of PHC services. In the consultation meeting with health professionals from health centers from Diber and Fier region and representatives of health institutions in Albania, participants discussed the important elements for updating nurses’ roles and a road map to move forward. Additionally, key characteristics of the planned new master’s program in Family Nursing and a respective blueprint plan of outlining the curriculum have been presented and discussed accordingly.