COVID-19 newsletter

Issue no. 12: PHC in Albania in COVID-19 context

Currently, there are cases of COVID-19 infections in both districts where HAP operates. There are 41 active cases in Fier district, 9 of which are hospitalized, whereas in Dibra district there are 18 cases of which 2 persons are receiving hospital treatment (referring to the MHSP data of July 10th, There are 50 people [...]

Issue no. 11: PHC in Albania in COVID-19 context

Currently, there are 18 positive cases in Dibra and Fier districts (9 in each district), all self-isolated at home. Teams from the relevant health centers and/or health posts are monitoring the health of all infected people. Family doctors of the Fier districts have attended the online training hosted by the Health Care Services Operator on [...]

Issue no. 10: PHC in Albania in COVID-19 context

COVID-19 cases in Dibra and Fier districts During the last week (as of May 29th) there were new cases with COVID-19 infection in both districts, 6 cases in Diber district and 4 cases in Fier district respectively. The corresponding LHCU staffs are conducting the epidemiological investigation through tracking contact persons while primary health care professionals [...]

Issue no. 9: PHC in Albania in COVID-19 context

Returning to normality in green areas As of Monday, both districts where HAP operates (Fier and Dibra) are green areas, which means ease of movement measures. Consequently, residents are receiving normally the services at health centers while adhering to the prevention measures of COVID-19 infection. Pursuant to the instructions of the health authorities, the health [...]

Eighth issue: PHC in Albania in COVID-19 context

During this week there are 2 new cases of COVID-19 infection identified in the Fier region, whereas there are still no cases in the Dibra region. The service in the primary health care centers in both regions is gradually returning to normality, where there is an increase in the number of visits to health centers. [...]

Seventh issue: PHC in Albania in COVID-19 context

In this seventh weekly newsletter we would like to share the experience of a person infected with COVID-19 who is also a medical staff member. From a diary of a patient with COVID-19 Day 1- Dear diary, yesterday me and my  colleagues made the test, it is a routine procedure as we are medical staff. [...]

Sixth issue: PHC in Albania in COVID-19 context

News HAP assesses the needs for information and continuing education of primary care professionals by taking their most frequently asked questions and topics on which more information is needed. Based on this rapid needs assessment, HAP continuously processes COVID-19-related training materials. The main goal is to train primary care professionals in preventing the spread and [...]

Fifth issue: PHC in ALbania in COVID-19 context

News The Health for All project is trying to provide personal protective equipment for primary health care teams and Local Health Care Units. To this purpose, the call for public tender has been published, to be found HERE New training materials related to the wearing and removal of personal protective equipment (focusing on Local Health [...]

Fourth issue: PHC in Albania in COVID-19 context newsletter

Support for coping with COVID-19 A new contribution of USD 700,000 from three international donors is added to the 54 respirators already provided by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection. A joint partnership agreement was virtually signed on April 10, 2020 between the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the Swiss Embassy (through the [...]

Third issue: PHC in Albania in COVID-19 context newsletter

REGULATION ON PREVENTION AND CONTROL OF INFECTIONS Health for All project has made available to the teams of all health centers in Dibra and Fier districts (80 HC) the model of the Regulation on Prevention and Control of Infections in the primary healthcare centers. The regulation has been particularly helpful in preventing and controlling COVID-19 [...]
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