Third issue: PHC in Albania in COVID-19 context newsletter


Health for All project has made available to the teams of all health centers in Dibra and Fier districts (80 HC) the model of the Regulation on Prevention and Control of Infections in the primary healthcare centers. The regulation has been particularly helpful in preventing and controlling COVID-19 infection in PHC. The regulation was drafted in the context of completing the documentation in meeting the basic standards of accreditation of the health centers, through a consultative and supportive process. The provided model is adapted from the health centers according to the respective specifications. To download the document (available only in Albanian), click HERE.


  • In some health centers in Dibra and Fier districts, trainings are being held among colleagues regarding the implementation of measures for the prevention
    and control of COVID-19 infection. In these meetings, the following documents were presented and discussed: the regulation on control of infection (mentioned above) and training/educational materials on COVID-19 of the Public Health Institute made available by the Local Health Care Units.
  • The PHC teams of the HC in the Fier district have attended the online training for COVID-19 provided by the World Health Organization.


  • HAP has prepared the first set of training materials for the PHC teams, based on information from PHI, WHO and CDC (Center for Disease Control, USA). The materials address issues related to informatio on COVID-19 infection (symptoms, transmission), triage, facial protection, hand hygiene and disinfection of healthcare facilities, accompanied by the identification of erroneous practices that put staff and patient at risk for COVID-19. These materials can be downloaded from the official website of HAP, here.

  • The project is working to adapt into Albanian a WHO information posters set containing useful information on COVID-19 infection for health professionals and patients in
    primary healthcare centers.

Challenges of coping with COVID-19: Evidence from professionals

Fortunately, no one has been confirmed with COVID-19 throughout the Dibra region, but primary healthcare teams there are working hard to prevent the spread of
this infection. Dhurata Prifti, head nurse at Peshkopi health center, tells us more from her work: “
Apart from the work at the health center, we have also monitored the ambulances for the implementation of infection control measures, we have distributed relevant printed and digital materials to each ambulance, which have been discussed within the teams. Also, we have distributed the protocols of preventive measures of infection and for this we thank HAP for the support in their preparation and for the help it has provided us through the nurse bags*”. Dhurata mentions also the need that have arisen for more disinfectants and personal protective equipment for the staff: “We are constantly in touch with patients, especially those over 65 years old, to whom we deliver medications at home, therefore we need to be protected so we do not become carriers and thus spreading the virus from patient to patient,” she says. “Also, we definitely need training and it would be good to have it online as these training help us how to protect ourselves and do our job as best as we can.” – Dhurata Prifti, Head Nurse, Peshkopi HC
*In 2018, HAP provided all nursing staff in primary healthcare centers in Dibër and Fier districts with nursing bags which contains 17 medical instruments necessary for the daily work of the nurses.

“Thanks to previous work with HAP for the organization of health promotion activities, we have become more capable in communicating with patients regarding their awareness of various diseases. Nowadays, this experience is helping us raise the awareness on the basic rules of the prevention of the spread of the infection through remote means of communication”- Dr. Irma Gishti, Family Physician and HC Head, Roskovec HC