Call for service company to implement data collection

 Call for: Service Company to implement data collection of the Home-Based Care Survey “Assessment of Quality of Life and Access to Medical Home Care Services” in the two Pilot Regions of the Health for All Project, Diber and Fier

Health for All (HAP) is a project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) of the Swiss Government and is being implemented in Albania since 2015. Its overall goal is that the Albanian population benefit from better health due to improved primary health care (PHC) services.

HAP is supporting the implementation of pilot models of Home-Based Care (HBC) for homebound elderly and patients with high degree of temporary and permanent dependency, who suffer from a chronic disease in advanced stages that needs health care at home. For this reason, HAP is looking for a service company to conduct electronic data collection of the baseline measurement survey on” Quality of Life and Access to Medical Home Care Services” in Diber and Fier.

The interested providers should submit a proposal answering the requisites as described in the Terms of References which can be found HERE.

The bidders for this contract should submit to the HAP Centre the following documents.

  • Demonstrate through a company CV previous experiences in surveys, Household is preferred, including electronic data collection using tablets (less than 5 pages)
  • Developed activity plan and logistics aiming at reaching the objectives listed in these TORs
  • CVs of key staff and assigned positions (CVs of field coordinator, data manger, two field supervisors are required)
  • Financial offer in ALL, VAT (if VAT is applicable)/Tax included. Please refer to Annex A that can be downloaded HERE
  • Company’s registration documents (NIPT, Extract of QKB, etc.)
  • A Document certifying that (your subject):
    • has met its fiscal obligations, issued by the Tax Administration.
    • has paid all social insurance obligations, issued by the Tax Administration.
  • Certification by the Tax Administration which indicates the annual turnover for the last 3 years.

The financial offer and technical offer should be in separate envelopes, and both of them inside one sealed envelope. The application package should be sent in sealed envelopes within 22 July 2021, at the address:

HAP Centre

Rruga “Themistokli Germenji”, Pallati Helios, Kati II, Ap.1, Tirana, Albania

For any question related to this call, please write to the E-mail: within 18 July 2021.