Invitation to tender: Rehabilitation of the teaching environment of FMTS


Invitation to tender

Rehabilitation of the teaching environment of the Faculty of Medical Technical Sciences, University of Medicine, Tirana

Health for All is a project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) implemented by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), through the HAP Center. Its overall goal is that the Albanian population benefits from better health due to improved Primary Health Care (PHC) services.

HAP will rehabilitate the classroom where the teaching will take place for professional master students in the Faculty of Medical Technical Sciences, University of Medicine, Tirana, in the framework of implementation of the new professional Master in Family Nursing (FN).

In the context of this initiative, HAP Centre is requesting offers from companies interested to carry out the reconstruction work.

The required documents, forms, technical specifications, and annexes for the bidding can be found in the HERE.

The interested Companies should express their interest in participating in this tender by sending an email to until 28 October 2021.

The interested Companies can participate in the site visit that will take place on 02 November 2021. The details of place and time of the visit will be given to the interested Companies within 29 October 2021.

The bidding Companies should submit their offers to HAP Centre in one hard copy of bid on headed paper and a scan copy for the tender document in CD or USB.

The offer should include:

  1. Letter of interest (see Appendix 4.2),
  2. The BoQ Excel sheet provided with the tender documents, filled with the respective prices and totals (BoQ template provided in Appendix 2.1);
  3. The financial offer, in All, in correspondence with the subtotals and total amounts in the BoQ (Format provided in Appendix 2.0), in a separate envelope.
  4. CV of the company (with proves of the experience of the company in carrying out similar works);
  5. CVs of Senior Manager suitable for the role;
  6. CVs of technical team directly responsible for the coordination of the works and to be deployed to the work sites (see Appendix 4.2 and Appendix 4.3);
  7. The timetable of the works with a brief narrative of the timing and sequence of the jobs to be carried out
  8. Copy of the registration and license of the company.
  9. Copy of its status with the tax authorities and confirmation of Tax Authorities for having No obligations
  10. Bank statement showing that the Contractor has a deposit of 30% of total contract value, taken 5 days before submission of the bidding documents and untouchable as value until 1 month from closing bidding day

For the preparation of the offers, the companies will visit the site, verify, and make its own measurements; a short report of the visit should be added to the offer.

The financial offer and technical offer should be in separate envelopes, and both inside one sealed envelope.

The application should be sent within 4pm, on the 11th of November 2021, to the address:

Subject: Reconstruction work

HAP Centre

Rruga “Themistokli Germenji”, Pallati Helios, Kati II, Ap.1, Tirana, Albania

E-mail:; Website: