Developments for the use of revised NCD protocols

The Health for All project has supported the revision of the protocols for the treatment of the 5 most common diseases in PHC: diabetes, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, dyslipidemias and asthma. The protocols, the relevant clinical guidelines and the training manuals have been made available to all HCs in Dibra and Fier regions where they are being piloted with the intention of escalating them to the national level.

To the purpose of facilitating their use, HAP has organized 30 trainings for trainers attended by 116 family doctors and 171 nurses from both regions, who have highly appreciated the practical gained knowledge. Actually, there are Peer Groups being set up in these centers as a tool of Continuing Education through which the members of each HC will be trained for the use of the protocols.

HAP held also a consultation meeting with the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund and the Health Care Operator with respect to updating the checklists of the existing guidelines for oversight in the PHC of the implementation of treatment protocols for non-communicable diseases. During the meeting, the relevant technical groups discussed and worked on updating the existing checklists with indicators for monitoring the implementation of treatment protocols. Furthermore, HAP will closely follow the finalization of the updated checklists by CHIF and CDOHS and will provide capacity building trainings to each institution regarding the monitoring of the implementation of treatment protocols for the NCDs in Fier and Dibra regions.