On June 1, 2017, Health for All Project completed the renovations of three health centers in Dibër qark: Kastriot, Maqellarë and Shupenzë. The newly renovated facilities provide access to comprehensive primary healthcare service to nearly 24.000  residents in the respective communes and their surroundings. A fourth health center, in Komsi, is also in the renovation process and soon will open its doors to the community.

The renovations of these health centers have been funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation of the Government of Switzerland, with an approximate total cost of 326,000 euro. The total renovation included new roofs, floors, lighting and plumbing, painting, installation of heating and cooling system, and fencing walls. The improved facilities include reception, patient waiting areas, doctor’s rooms, nurse stations, emergency rooms, warehouses, offices, and restrooms.

The centers will soon be equipped with desks, drawers and waiting benches for patients. Doctors serving in these health centers have been provided with the “doctor’s bag” which contains basic medical tools including stethoscopes for children and adults, oximeter pulse, glucometer, neurologic hammer, fetal stethoscope, etc. The doctors have been receiving refresh trainings on the utilization of those tools and further enabled to offering timely and quality service for the patients in the region.

The directors of these healthcare centers have received training to improve their managerial competences and the economists were trained on health finance, budgeting and procurement.

In brief, these are the characteristics of the centers:

Maqellare Health Center – Offers 24-hours primary health care and medical emergency services, seven days a week, to a community of 13.800 residents. The center is staff with 3 general practitioners and 38 nurses; they work in the center and in its 19 health posts.

Kastriot Health Center – Offers primary health care to a population of 3625 of the commune of Kastriot and its surrounding villages; it has 2 general practitioners and 23 nurses.

Shupenzë Health Center – Offers 24 hour primary health care service and medical emergency services to a community of 6170 residents with a team composed of 1 general practitioner and 22 nurses, who work in this center and in 12 health posts.