Komsi (Mat)—On Wednesday (21.06.17), the Health for All Project (HAP) handed over the newly renovated Komsi Health Center (Dibër qark) to the Director of the Centre and the Directorate of Public Health of Burrel. The rehabilitation of this Centre was the result of an agreement between HAP and the Municipality of Burrel. This is the fourth health center HAP has renovated in Dibër qark. The first ones were the Health Centers in Kastriot, Maqellarë and Shupenzë.

The renovation cost was around 60,000 euro; it was financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, and included insulation works, new roof, new windows and doors, lighting and plumbing, installation of heating and cooling systems, an additional room and a ramp for wheel chair access.

In a small ceremony held at the Center, Dr. Joao Costa, HAP project manager, said that the aim of the renovation is to improve the quality of health care service offered to the community. The Centre now has better working conditions for the staff and offers a more comfortable environment for the patients. Dr. Costa also highlighted staff’s responsibility and the community role in maintaining the health center and preventing damages to the building.

Drita Lalaj, head of Burrel’s Department of Public Health, thanked the Swiss funded project for their generous contribution in Komsi and for “paying attention to a region forgotten by many”, while urging the staff to stay committed to offering to their community a service of good quality.

The health center in Komsi is staffed with three doctors and thirteen nurses, and serves a community of 6,023 residents, living in eleven villages. The staff of the Health Center are active participants in trainings organized by HAP on subjects such as: preventing and controlling hypertension and diabetes, mother and child care, health promotion, roles of primary health care nurses, etc. The three doctors have received the doctor’s bag, and the Director has been trained in health management.

Since 2016, the Swiss founded project Health for All has renovated in total six health centers in the Fier and Dibër qarks: Libofsha and Cakran in Fier district and Kastriot, Komsi, Maqellarë and Shupenzë in the district of Dibër.