Health for All Project – HAP supported a “Health Vulnerability” Study, aiming to determine the conditions and criteria that surround health vulnerability, with a particular focus on gender needs, and also recommend tailored strategies and effective approaches to reach these groups within Primary Health Care system in Albania.

A sociologic and public heath approach has been employed to conduct this study, embodied in a combined methodology of a cross sectional study and a qualitative approach. Two consensus groups of professionals from a public health and social science perspective, have been organized to get the consensus on the process and findings of the study.

The field work is implemented in five regions in Albania – Tirane, Shkoder, Diber, Fier and Vlore. 1553 PHC users were interviewed, 115 individuals from vulnerable groups participated in 15 FG discussions, and 45 interviews with key informants and care providers were conducted during the period December 2018 – January 2019.

The report of the study will be soon lunched and will be available for interested partners, policymakers and implementer’s. Also, a Policy Brief is being prepared on Health Vulnerability in PHC in Albania.