Members of the Steering Committee met in Tirana on 24 October, 2017, with the Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu and the Swiss Ambassador Christoph Graf co-chairing the meeting, to review the implementation of the work programme for the first semester of 2017, the recommendations of Mid-Term Review and the workplan for the remaining part of this year.

The Steering Committee of Health for All Project (HAP) welcomed the progress made by the project over the period January-June 2016 and endorsed the work plan for the remaining part of 2017.

Among the results of 2016 implementation it can be listed:

Full reconstruction of four health centers in Dibwr Qark (Maqellare, Shupenzw, Komsi and Kastriot)

  • 120 GPs from Fier were equipped with PCs and trained on computer literacy;
  • 37 local Continuing Medical Education (CME) coordinators trained on their roles and functions and CME quality standards;
  • 87 professionals, health managers and staff of anti-corruption units (AC), from the two regions trained on anticorruption/integrity and performance of AC units;
  • 29 GPs and 46 nurses from 5 health centers that offer 24/7 health care service were trained on management of health emergency;
  • 15 specialists from the 5 health promotion cabinets in Diber and Fier have been trained on communication, facilitation and leadership;
  • 3020 students have been part of the healthy schools activities, implemented in three schools in Diber and three schools in Fier.

The 2017 progress report was presented by HAP project manager Dr. Besim Nuri and was endorsed by the Steering Committee members, who also commended the team for the good progress in the implementation of the projects activities.

The meeting was attended by representatives of key institutions in Albanian healthcare sector, such as Directory of Primary Healthcare at Ministry of Health, the mayor of Roskovec (Fier Qark), Institute of Public Health, Medical University, Department of Public Health at Faculty of Medicine, UNFPA; local NGOs, such as Voice of Patients and Union of Healthcare Journalists, as well as the donor, represented by the Swiss Ambassador, Mr. Graf, and Ms. Debora Kern and Mr. Sokol Haxhiu of Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.