A cooperation between the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Ministry of Health enabled the renovation of the health centre in Cakran, Fier, that offers 24 hours service and serves around 15 thousand citizens of the area and 3 administrative units around it.
At the inauguration of the Cakran Health Centre attended the Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu, Swiss Ambassador Christoph Graf, Mayor of Fier Armando Subashi, representatives of the “Health for All” project and local representatives.
“Expanding access and offering quality health care where the population needs it, are priorities of the Ministry of Health and the Government. This investment with support from the Swiss Cooperation through “Health for All”, not only improves service for 15,000 Cakran citizens but serves also three other administrative units covering in total around 30,000 citizens. This is a model which we want to expand also in other areas of the country”, said Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu.
Whereas Swiss Ambassador in Albania Christoph Graf emphasised that health professionals need also improved infrastructure in addition to training and continuing education. theksoi se profesionistët e shëndetësisë kanë nevojë edhe për infrastrukturë të përmirësuar përveç trajnimeve dhe arsimit të vazhduar. “The Swiss Cooperation has agreed to support the health sector because we noticed that the Albanian population – especially in rural areas – does not have access to quality care. The target of Swiss support is not the main cities but the more neglected areas, villages like Cakran. I hope that this Swiss help responds to the real needs of people in this area for receiving adequate and dignified health services”, said Ambassador Graf.
Mayor of Fier Armando Subashi commended the decision to reconstruct this health centre because it represents a very important centre for the expanded municipality of Fier, and the need to provide basic health services closer to the population.
The building of the Cakran Health Centre was constructed in 1978 and since then there has not been any investment or reconstruction. After the funding of 70,000 Euro from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) the centre is entirely reconstructed. The centre was also equiped with tables, drawers and waiting benches for patients.
Doctors have been equiped with the “doctor’s bag” which contains basic health service t ools including stethoscopes for children and adults, oximeter pulse, glucometer, neurologic hammer, fetal stethoscope, etc, and they were also trained in their usage. This has enabled doctors to better manage and prevent acute situations offering timely and quality service for the patients in this region.
“Health for All” project has trained doctors and nurses in the centre in case management, usage of computers, e-mail and internet, and it has trained the centre director on health management and the economist on health finance, budgeting and procurement.
Cakran health centre offers 24 hour primary health care focusing on family care through a staff of 5 general practitioneres and 23 nurses working in this centre and in 13 village clinics offering several services.