HAP provided 15 medical instruments to 1129 family nurses

The HAP project distributed 1129 nurse bags to nurses in the health centers of Diber and Fier in October and November 2018 thanks to an investment of 238’689 Euro.

The nurse bag contains 15 different nursing consultation-related tools that will be used by the nurses to improve the quality of nursing care in the primary health centers. These tools will help nurses to conduct a more adequate and faster head to toe evaluation of patients with urgent conditions that in an emergency case can save a life. It also allows them to better control and counsel on NCDs and their prevention.

The bag includes the following 15 tools

Head circumference measure BMI Calculator Wheel Pulse oximeter Otoscope
Pocket Doppler stethoscope Sphygmomanometer Ear lavage kit Tourniquet
Pinard Fetal stethoscope Thermometer digital Pocket light Scissor
Thermometer with mercury Pregnancy wheel Stethoscope

The distribution process was preceded by a training of 14 trainers that took place in Tirana on 16th of October. These 14 nurses from Diber and Fier PHCs played the instructor during the demonstration and handing over of nurse bags to nurses working in PHCs.

During these sessions, the nurses received the instruction of how to use and maintain the tools of the bag from their colleagues that received the training of trainers. The demonstration helps them to understand the function of each tool and to know what tool to use in which situation. On this regard, a comprehensive manual on the use of each instrument in their daily practice is developed and will be provided to nurses during the training at health center level through nurse PRGs. HAP finalized the distribution process by mid of November in the Fier and Diber qarks.