Nurses working in primary healthcare get to wear many hats: they are general medicine nurses, but also maternal and child health nurses; they offer advice on sexual health, and also on mental health; they work in community health and often are the first contact that people living in rural and remote areas have with healthcare.

This diversity makes their role in the primary healthcare system essential, but it also makes it very important for them to know the duties and responsibilities that come with the job. With this in mind, HAP initiated workshops with the head-nurses and or acting head-nurses of health centers of Dibër and Fier qarks as part of the process focusing on boosting the interprofessional health care team and role of nurses in primary healthcare.

The workshops had a three-tier objective: to consolidate participants’ knowledge regarding the nurse’s role in emergency care, caring for chronic patients, and mother and child care; to enable them in designing training program and materials and to improve their skills for presentation and facilitation of discussions among the peers for the Continuous Medical Education activities with their colleagues at HC level.

The learning material delivered during the workshop focused on nurse’s role in care for the elderly and chronically ill; antenatal and post natal care for mothers and children; how to manage medical emergencies, and how to promote the healthy lifestyle were in full line with the competences of the primary health care nurses the Basic Package of Services in Primary Health Care in Albania.

Seventy-two head-nurses participated in this workshop, which was accredited by National Center for Continuing Education (NCCE) with 4 credits.