Opinions of participants at Swiss School of Public Health

During the course we learned how to focus on the behaviors of HC users, how we could change these behaviors to achieve the required goal and how the commitment of the stakeholders (patients, families, community, school, local government, etc.) could help us in achieving this goal. During the daily work as a family physician, in […]

Interview with Riccardo Curatolo-a Swiss volunteer in Albania

Interview with Riccardo Curatolo-a Swiss volunteer in Albania   How would you describe your experience with HAP and your overall experience in Albania? To be honest, I imagined life and work to be very different here in Albania than it is. Whereas in some matters Swiss people are quite the same as Albanians for other […]

Developments on the Professional Master in Family Nursing

The international consultancy with the working group in charge of drafting the curriculum of the Professional Master in Family Nursing program has continued online. The objectives and content of the first 5 courses of this program have been finalized, including teaching methods, assessment forms and respective syllabuses. The finalized courses are as follows: family nursing, […]

Presentation of home-based care models

In the framework of designing and testing the extended models of home based care (healthcare and social care combined), the study “Assessment of the needs for home based care in Dibra and Fier district” was conducted. The findings of the study were discussed in an online workshop held on May 27th. The objective of the […]

PHC professionals appreciate HAP’s training materials on COVID-19

“There was little information in the first moments we faced COVID-19, especially in early March. Everywhere, in the workplaces, in family and social premises, we were asked to provide information about this new disease” – says Dr. Artenca, family physician in Tirana. Several other primary care professionals felt the same as Dr. Artenca, and began […]

The first PHC strategy in Albania has been approved

In Albania, traditionally, most of the population’s contacts with the health system occur at the health center level and many health problems are addressed by general practitioners or even nurses in primary health care facilities (especially in remote areas). However, demographic, and epidemiological changes, ever-increasing expectations for health care, linked with the high risks of […]

A new initiative in Albania supports young researchers to conduct operational research in health

Albania faces lack of evidence in primary health care and public health that creates a gap between policy making and planning processes and operations to undertake in order to gain health benefits. There is lack of human resources and capacities to conduct operational research and insufficient financing opportunities. Therefore, Health for All Project in Albania […]